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  1. Not sure coiling all the spare wire like that is a good idea - couldn't you have just made it shorter ? ?
  2. Cleared them all out with CCleaner - That seems to have fixed it. Thanks Alex
  3. I'm using Firefox - I'll have a look with another browser. Does the same on MS Edge :-(
  4. Yes I know - but is there any way to stop the sidebar opening and telling me this every time I go to a forum or a new topic to read? I accepted the options but doesn't seem to make any difference. Help Ta in advance
  5. https://yamahaclub.com/forums/forum/48-new-members-welcome-area/
  6. ..or loose some weight - they will be good for miles.
  7. Seconded ? You might be better posting your request in the Yam Custom forum. Some may not look here
  8. That's fixed it. Did it involve a hammer ?
  9. It started a while ago for me https://yamahaclub.com/forums/topic/45649-anyone-else-having-problems-with-club-site/
  10. Ah good - I won't be shakin my PC about to try an fix it then. And as for Jimmy - I'll 'ave you know that I admit I'm not as good as I once was, but good once as I ever was ?
  11. I seem to be having a problem with the site and wondered if anything has been changed? The problem is the slow loading of pages with a 'white' page (i.e nothing) between each selection. The same happens when I go back to the Forums List to change to a different forum. The newly selected forum appears - then disappears for about 15/20 seconds before returning. I'm not sure I have explained it too well, but best I can do.
  12. Have you got a screen? I had very bad vibration - caused by my helmet (careful ), when I first got my bike. It was the wind coming over the top of the screen and affecting the aerodynamics round my Shoei 1000 lid and that shaking blurred my vision, and gave me neck ache as well as a headache. I found I could reduce it by lowering my body and head. So I raised the screen a couple of inches, and all has been fine ever since. Not saying this is your issue but might be a contributing factor?
  13. I would suggest a first post asking for advice on a 5 year old thread won't get much action. If you had a look round the site first you would see that the general etiquette is you post in the new members section before launching in asking a question. And take the time to fill in some details about yourself in your profile. Lazy.
  14. It was 18 months ago and he only posted the once so don't hold yer breath
  15. One will probably be at least a day and up to 729 days older than the other. 1964 was a leap year.
  16. A good locksmith may be able to help
  17. Welcome You might want to complete your profile with where you are located. It could help meet others as well as get help from nearby.
  18. Are they standard bulbs or has someone changed them for LED ones? If standard bulbs check flasher relay unit is correct one for bike - not a car relay.
  19. Posting a comment in the New Members forum might get you a few answers.
  20. ...but the bike is not level, so no good for checking oil. Not sure about putting extra weight on sidestand, and I haven't got a MIG welder or bobbins on my bike.
  21. Or you can make something like this for a fiver, or less if you have the timber around. Adapt as required. I fixed the handle permanently to mine, and it is a bit lower, just keeps the bike upright so I can crawl on the floor to check the oil level. I didn't need it for anything else. Can't find the 'english' version of the plans
  22. Here? http://www.metriccruisers.co.uk/acatalog/xvs950_saddlebag_supports.html Your welcome
  23. I ride my XVS650 with my wife - propriety forbids details but combined weigh around 21/22 st (I guess) is no problem. Haven't notice it underpowered when two up. As Cynic notes, stopping takes a bit longer.
  24. I still use front to change up a gear most of the time. It just seems easier than moving foot on the board to use heel.
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