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  1. Yes a good video. I recently did seals on my thundercat using the waste pipe technique and can verify it works very well.
  2. <Dick>

    Malibu and coke

    Is Malibu and coke a girls drink? ive had quite a bit and it definatley works
  3. Yeh that's the right number dude, you can easily verify this by looking at the chassis number which is attached/stamped on the chassis somewhere. Hope this helped. Thank you for the opportunity to help you, made me feel good for a change. I don't normally get the chance to reply to technical questions, you know how it is...some smart arse beats me to it. I usually feel bad.
  4. Hi Justin, welcome :-) are dirt bikes ridiculously over priced in Australia like they are in the UK?
  5. <Dick>

    Missed TT now

    Bollocks. Spent that long trying to upload profile picture I've missed the TT and its bed time now
  6. Oh yeh Ttaskmaster....I answer to that too I have a friend originally from Porto who calls me that occasionally but he usually greets me with Hey Wanker. I return fire with Hey Vidal (he is bald) and wonders why I call him that
  7. Thanks for the welcomes shouldn't have mentioned the bee em really...once I get started I go on about it for days and end up sweating and rocking back and forth, a far away look in my eye (girlfriends description of me, not mine). Anyway blackhat250 coz I refused to help him load it into the specialised recovery van he went a bit mental with ratchet straps and pulled rear sub frame out of line a couple of inches....might start a thread in the bar about my shocking bmw experience...even though every day I get a little stronger by letting go of all the bad things they did in the dark place at the hard time....or summat
  8. Hello my name is Richard, or Dick if you like...or Rich, Rick, Richie or Ricky. I answer to em all. Was registered on here ages ago when I had Fazer thou (best bike I ever had btw) but can't remember that account name or password. In the years since I was last here I gained bmw touring bike (from a very bad bmw dealer) achieved a divorce, job change, house move etc and sold the r1200 for peanuts compared to what I paid for the bent frame bitch. Yes it got bent by the folks who recovered it when broke down. I'm now lucky enough to be with an old favourite
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