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  1. chefspud

    Touring MT 125

    Found a few good bags but the guy told me to try a shop in Edinburgh said they have a lot more choice!
  2. chefspud

    Touring MT 125

    Cheers hopefully I can get something nice
  3. chefspud

    Touring MT 125

    Off to bike shop tomorrow to do a bit of shopping I will let you know what I go for love the Oxford rolltop and the panniers. And I'll let you know bippo when I'm going nothing better than riding with others. I'm usually the line rider going the other way. Thanks for everyone's help [emoji2]
  4. chefspud

    Touring MT 125

    I'm planning on stopping off at Alton towers for couple days then heading to isle of Wight for couple days and the same on the way back up never thought about posting some stuff think my mum and step dad are going to follow back up to Scotland in the car so won't have to post stuff back. If I can find a nice bag set or something just for couple days clothes I should be good. P.s. I've ordered the nice comfy seat for the bike!
  5. chefspud

    Touring MT 125

    Thanks airhead al have a look
  6. chefspud

    Touring MT 125

    Cool. Thanks for replying [emoji2]
  7. Thanks sorry DT had to work early this morning didn't even get one myself!
  8. chefspud

    Touring MT 125

    Hey all I'm looking to take my MT 125 down to the isle of Wight to see my mum this summer any ideas on the best types of panniers ? I have the tank bag just need panniers for the back [emoji2] Any tips on cameras to I'm thinking of filming the journey. Thanks [emoji2]
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone always happy to cook for bikers!
  10. Hi everyone I'm spud. Finally got my first bike! (MT 125 ABS) So excited to be joining the biker community.
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