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  1. It's taken a little while but I got onto a tiddler bike (175) to get those brain muscles into memory mode from 40 years ago. A trainer followed me and gave me a running commentary as to my (rusty) skills. It was like riding a (motor)bicycle, surprising how easily it all comes back. Whose idea was it to swap pedals? I only tried once to change gear using the rear brake! Anyway, cobwebs blown away, I took the Virago for a spin - not too far - but enough to generate a big smile within my helmet. Traffic is a little different these days for a biker! The Virago is ideal for restarting - I'm already thinking bigger machine but I think that a few more miles on this armchair of a bike will stand me in good stead. It's a real pleasure to ride it.
  2. Thanks for the welcome fellas. I remember having a Panther 600 single. Pig to start sometimes but great for exercising calf muscle. Pride & Clarke - a blast from the past.
  3. Good morning YOC - well, it's raining but every morning is good. I'm a newbie. Retired a little while ago, had a hankering for a long time to get back onto two wheels and I've just made the plunge. Bike is on its way, I need to get some kit and get ready to launch. I looked at some boots the other day. It was really interesting to see that boots don't have that steel strip riveted under the right-side boot - you know, the one you use on the kick-start! Yeah, ancient aren't I. Electric starters seem to be the norm - progress, huh! Any way, I'll let you know how I get on (I know, cock your leg over the saddle).
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