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  1. Im in the uk slice not sure where you are. I dont have a red key with the bike mate. It doesnt say anything in the manual about one. I had a friend wire it all back up for me and it worked fine the day it was done and the next it just turns over. I think a trip to a garage is due
  2. Thank you slice for the info. Ill give a call round at some garages. Bike is driving me mad at the moment. Little toe rags just cant keep their hands off things because it was an attempted robbery. Ill let you know if things get sorted. Thanks again
  3. Hi guys, Just a quick question if anybody could help me. I was wondering how i would go about resetting my ecu on my bike. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks people
  4. Thank you both very much. I will order one and check it out or get it looked at. Thanks again for the help
  5. I dont have a multimeter
  6. I just wanted a second opinion because ive tried cleaning all the sidestand up and having a mess about with it so it looks like i will be replacing it as soon as
  7. Slice i wasnt calling you an idiot. It was jimmy with a sarcastic comment when i didnt even know i posted it several times. I appreciate your answer and thanks for replying to my question. I will know for next to to introduce my question abit more. Im new to all this forum stuff so apologies
  8. What you talking about. Im on an app and didnt know how to use it. Jesus. Ask for help and get idiots
  9. Can anybody help me please? I have a wr125x and i have a fault code coming up. It is one longer flash and 9 quick flashes. My bike wont start it just turns over. Im tearing my hair out over it because one minute it was fine thwn when i came back to it it would not start
  10. d-peach-13

    Fault code

    I was wondering if anybody can help with a code that is coming up on my bike. It is one long flash and 9 quick flashes. My bike wont start and it just turns over
  11. Thanks for the info. I will try it out. I wont try and bypass ill just get a new one i think. Cheers mate
  12. Thanks for the reply. Would you know at all how i would go about fixing this?
  13. Hey i was wondering if anybody could help. I recently had an attempted robbery on my bike and i have wired the barrel again which had the wires ripped out. I used different wires to extend how much wire was coming off the barrel and wired it all back up again. It started first time and i was really happy. The next day i tried starting again and it was just turning over and the engine management light was flashing with one long flash and 8 or 9 fast flashes after that. Can anyone help in what i have to do??
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