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  1. reecer705

    DT80MX Clutch

    Have a manual, shows 3 plates. Using Yamaha gear oil....Just going to fit the heavy duty springs and hope that this sorts it out....
  2. reecer705

    DT80MX Clutch

    Pip and Peg.....No idea....replaced the complete clutch mech and operating system......checked both push rods and even the ball bearing..... all is there and fine. Clutch seems to slip when the bike hits the small power band but does it less when warm.....if you go easy on the throttle hardly slips at all.. complete mystery.....maybe I am just a fat twat
  3. reecer705

    DT80MX Clutch

    Thanks, that would make it three then.....Brief history, bought a DT80MX which was nice but seemed to be put together by Stevie Wonder.....Had a bad slipping clutch and on inspection had a DT 50MX Clutch basket assembly fitted which might have explained the problem.....Managed to obtain a rare now 80 mx completed clutch assy, fitted it but still seems to slip a bit......done all the adjusting I can but still slips....new friction plates etc etc. Just got some heavy duty springs which i hope will solve it. The mad thing is if you go on the Yamaha data system for parts it shows 4 friction plates which contradicts the Micro Fich which shows 3........!!!!!! Hence this post.
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    My Rides

  5. reecer705

    DT80MX Clutch

    Hello all, can anyone confirm exactly how many clutch friction plates should be present in a euro spec 1982 DT80MX.... 3 or 4
  6. Hello all.....good to be here, proud owner of 1981 RD350LC and 1984 DT80MX......
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