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  1. Hahaha id be so hungry that poor bike would be at the closest donut shop..
  2. have to say she's running much much better. 55 - 60 mph quite consistantly not so bad on hills. seems to be doing this 'crackiling to life' when accelerating like she has more in her. might see if there is still some sort of air leaking. But other than that she is purrring right along.
  3. Yeah a young man's error. Too simple to overlook. Anywho..
  4. well here we have it. The air filter is stopped up hahahahahah
  5. Yeah its better nowthe silencer has been tightened but wont go over 45mph
  6. Ride into work this morning was fun. She only slowed down slightly on one big hill. Was able to maintain 55 consistently. Feels like she is loosening the reins a bit
  7. I found that the silencer had popped off the carb. I sorted that now I dont have to keep te choke on at speed. shes a wee bit faster and a touch more responsive but not much more..
  8. I way 95kg.. probably too big for the darn thing now th Ive gone through all the fuss
  9. It in fact was silicone sucked into the main jet.
  10. Yeah man, just got back home and lo and behold the very first thing I thought ended up being the problem. The 'new' carburetor was in fact a shiny turd. Epoxy holding the float tree together. A silicone gasket goo had been sucked into the bowl and right into the main jet. I had the old carburetor in my follow car and slapped that mutha on. Idles and revs perfect. But here's another thing. This new engine won't get much past 40 mph! I know it needs running in but geez this thing is an oversized moped.
  11. I'm out of town as well so kind of stuck
  12. My baby drag cranks up but when I twist the throttle it stalls out. I had it running fine and then all of a sudden she died at 50 mph and hasn't been the same since. Carburetor?
  13. Finally was able to get my bike out of the shop. (they charged me a bloody fortune. Got 5 miles down the road and she started dying. I got it cranked back up but she only runs with the choke on? It quit again and I realised it was out of petrol!! hahaha got fueled up and she died three more times before getting home and had to choke it again to stay running. I see guys posting that same issue on here. Could it be a bad fuel pump? didnt put it on prime to see if that was it yet will do later today. https://youtu.be/oQioD0gh60g
  14. I asked them to post a video of it running on there Facebook as I haven't picked it up yet and they said they would! haha Im so chuffed right now.
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