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  1. how very true. thats why i packed the racing in. i do the odd track day on the firestorm otherwise i would have got hurt if id carried on.
  2. lol i seem to bounce well. or just plain stupid... option two seems about the correct answer
  3. well i thought you mite want a wee giggle. i raced supermoto for over ten years and ,well its kinda a semi contact sport lol iv hunted out a few pics over the years so below is a list of my good self doing so rolling about this one on a cr250 ,i was still doing about 50 mph when it was taken. things are getting a little warm. getting your knee down !!!! i had just run over the guy in the red leathers lol heres a we series a guy caught for me. ccm604 , i had just came back onto the tarmac from the gravel section tipping into a right hander at about 80 when my from tyre ran out skill what day is it? lesson? supermoto racing is brilliant until you crash lol cheers
  4. sorry but i cant give butties away even for a 400
  5. dont go down the pod filter route, they can be a nightmare to get the getting correct... swingarm wise you will have to rip your own out and measure the size (width) and bearing sizes and start your hunt from there. long task and mite be easier to leave as is?
  6. lol god dam you drive a hard bargain. ok , a kidney, a chip and a one owner wife. still in good working order with bodywork in good order.
  7. oooh RD400 was the one i always wanted but never managed to get. il swap you a kidney for one lol.. im on the lookout for a 2 stroke yam at the min to restore but the collectors that never use them have ruined the market for buying but il keep looking.
  8. cheers lads. not to many yamahas granted in thoses pictures road bike wise. most of those i had in the 80s. still have a fondness for yamaha i have to say. from memory iv had LC 250 x1 LC350 x3 RD250 x2 FZ750 x1 DT50 x1 XJ550 x1 divvie x1 im sure iv missed a few but you loose count lol
  9. well as above . iv hunted out a few pictures from the last few years to bore you all with. been riding since 1980 to just over 60 bikes at the last count but heres a few of more recent years iv had. kinda working backwards from yesterday divve 600 my current toy a firstorm. before the storm a zx7r that i build up outa a total basket case. and before i came back to road bikes just a few race bikes i had over the years tz350 honda RS125 lots of 200 yamahas and spondon yamasaki hybrids there ya go..
  10. the yamaha front pipe is a pretty good design so i wouldnt be to concerned, only if you hit on a fmf at good money really.. your rite tho just get out and enjoy the thing, they are great craic.
  11. nice tidy looking bike you have. my entire pipe was a Ti item out of a yamaha race kit of the time. very hard to track down, but nowadays id go for fmf front pipe, the power bomb if you can find one.. cams id leave them alone, the stock yamaha cams are very good items as is the intake. i had the airbox sides drilled and covered in mesh as it was never taken off road as such just for track racing and it didnt need rejetting as standard yamaha sell them running a little rich for safeties sake.. only thing if you ever pull the motor apart go up in piston comp but you must change the mains and big end to cope.
  12. ay pleased with it. only thing i can see that needs sorted. theres an oil leak either from the clutch cover or sump gasket beside it so ordered a few gaskets but at that price its worth a punt..
  13. welcome to the forum. any pics of the bikes?
  14. fabiostar


    that looks a comfy wagon. nice.
  15. well i was looking a wee bike to run about on and do day to day biking . kinda to keep my firestorms miles down a bit.. so a mate was selling this yoke. needs mot and a clean but otherwise seems fine.. and for the price i couldnt say no. £300 makes a divvie seem interesting.
  16. fabiostar

    new bike !

    i always fancied one of those yokes.. health to ride sir..
  17. both hairy arsed bikes i have to say.. brutal torque outa those big long stroke motors..great in the end i ended up racing a husky smr 570. proper brute of a thing i got from a german team, sema i think it was but stil not as rough as the big strokers
  18. mental... .. i have to say when i raced the 500 i went faster when i changed to the 426 unless it was at one of the really fast tracks.. everybody should ride one at least once
  19. yeah thoses 500s are mad lol.. the first one was a yz426 and the crash i think was a ccm604 i had.. 200 racing was big here upto the early 90s. id few 200s then went to putting watercooled kawasaki top ends on them thus making yamasakis, there was a few of them about. the reverse cyl was actually a bike build by queens university for yamaha when they were developing the rev cyl racers of the time and i found it sitting in a guys spare room years later, he had no idea what it was so i snapped it up. wish da hell id never sold it as its the only one ever made...
  20. which at times went very very wrong lol
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