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  1. wiseco is the way..great pistons
  2. looks very much like are RDs. very nice. love those wee twins
  3. god i would have swapped you my shock. im looking a slightly longer shock for my diversion have you any piccies of the shock, if your selling it i mite take it of you?
  4. fabiostar

    logging off

    maybe im doing something wrong here, but no matter when i come back to the site here i always seem to be already logged on?. i do the whole click sign out thing at the top r/h corner but never seems to log me out? any ideas
  5. so you have all those bikes.and the LC. AND the swimming pool. oh and the sunshine....i could hate you lol.. nice collection sir.
  6. welcome along sir.. great bikes those powervalves. you will love it
  7. lol yeah yeah we hear ya lol. welcome along sir
  8. is it not poss to get it to an engeering shop and hav it welded? failing that hunt out a barrel that matches the bottom end, if a powervalve for the barrel you have cant be found.
  9. its always a never ending story once you start lol
  10. ok. is the top end fitting ok on the bottom end of the engine? as in it runs? powervalve aside is it running?... im no tzr expert but i know yamaha have a habbit of making a lot of parts interchangable esp on there 2 strokes.. what year is the bike also?
  11. fabiostar

    Stolen, Norton,

    scumbag bastards should be shot..
  12. you mite find some old dear ready to pop her clogs with plenty of money........
  13. oh oh oh am i closer now? come on i must be..
  14. give us a wee bit more info sir. im sure theres loads of info on here
  15. clean round to the redline and keep her at it..... ok maybe not just dont go mad with the revs and it will be fine.
  16. depends what bike its for. some bikes like them, some hate them? they generally flow more air but can upset fuel ratio because of that...
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