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  1. iv had feelings of wanting a big old scoot for some time.. very nice
  2. ahh classic yamaha colours
  3. yeah they are below. iv set them at 2 an half and its seems fine.. its a really buzzy wee engine compared to the firestorm but iv kinda grown fond of it already..feels really light to ride so roll on the miles.
  4. fabiostar

    Fz600 Gulf

    thats some work your putting into that yoke.. great handling bikes tho so well worth it..
  5. ay i had one sitting in the man cave. the first one was a mess. so its get the MOT booked and start enjoying it
  6. ah ha.. new plugs. and it tried to start.. so easy start to the rescue lol... she fired up and ran but when i sprayed it round each carb rubber it showed both with small leaks and i mean so you could even see them but they were there . taped up both to try them and its running sweet as a nut... so a new set of rubbers and the div div is ready to go... cheers folks for the pointers.
  7. the intake rubbers seem in good order. it was running but a bit rough. the last time when i got the bike i drained the float bowls and it was a bitch to start. it seems it gets worse after iv done any work near the carbs . il go check once more just incase its sucked more dirt from the tank which iv cleaned although the tank looks ok and petrol is running out of it clean and reaching the float bowls.
  8. its needs put in a bin. lol.. stripped them to the last bit. put them together and its runs for a few seconds then dies again..ggggggrrrrrrrrrr.. starting to pull what hair i have out lol
  9. well iv stripped them to the last nut and bolt. cleaned them and even brought them to the local jet wash .. so time to rebuild them and this time, my god it has to start lol
  10. happy days mine were well out then. il strip them again cause she just aint for starting atm...
  11. well the wee 94 600 divvie i picked up is running but still felt a bit rough. stripped the carbs apart and you could grow spuds in the float bowls. cleaned the tank and carbs again but the problems is// the mixture screws underneath the carbs. they were all different from 2 turns on one carbs unto near 4 turns .. iv tried the internet and cant find anywere the proper setting.. gggrrrrrr, anybody good at internet searches or happen to know what they should be? cheers
  12. mark the head mating surface with engineers blue or a felt tip pen and rub it on a piece of glass to check the heads not warped. no point putting it together if the heads warped and it only takes a few mins
  13. nice looking bike sir...
  14. and cut the last 4mm or so of the spark plug lead and refit the cap. sometimes the end of it gets dirty/frayed/burnt and dosent make a great connection.
  15. check your engine intake stub. iv seen two of them that had webs fitted into them which mite explain some of the power lose
  16. very nice sir. health to ride.. its a bike i always fancied owning.
  17. have you checked the compression reading on both sides to make sure they are the same incase it has burnt a valve out?
  18. you didnt mention if you are getting a spark?
  19. pull the carb apart and clean it. every little bit of it. the smallest bit of dirt can block the pilot system in them. strip it and blow carb cleaner through it and start from there. also while you have it apart make sure your reeds are ok.
  20. PMd you sir about the shock
  21. fabiostar

    logging off

    happy days lads cheers
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