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  1. as above. its low miles but id be wanting proof of whats been done on a top end rebuild? these engines need good oil changed a lot. if anything will give problems its the bottom ends. mains or big ends but again if its been treated to oil and not tuned in anyway they are strong... what sorta miles? road miles? green lanning? or full enduros?. if i had the choice ,even tho the wr is a great bike id be keeping the stroker. a whole season outa a piston kit and two hours rebuilds ready to go..
  2. they can last for thousands of miles or shit themselves for no reason. they are after all a race engine and should be treated to regular filter and oil changes and never revved hard until they are warmed up and ready to go. iv used engines that have raced for two years without problem and others that have needed rebuilt twice in a season.
  3. if it was mine i would just fit them. one inch will make no more difference than fitting a taller tyre. or like when a pillion gets of and you ride on your own. iv a firestorm thats an inch higher at the back to make it steer faster. im fitting a er6 shock into my divvie and it wont turn it into a wobbling crash fest lol... try them. if you dont like them take them of again.
  4. as said above. if the engine fits,as in mounting holes etc. you will need to bring the wiring loom, injection, ignition etc with the new engine and transplant the lot.
  5. they are stupid creatures at times. few years ago i had a husky TE410.. changed it for a yzf426 and she didnt even know i ever changed lol. looked the same to her lol
  6. as above both great bikes. try them out before you buy but also take a spin on a Tracer
  7. jesus 4 year ban???? naughty boy? lol
  8. god i love them. i had 3 350s and 2 250s over the years. great craic.
  9. one of those was my first ever road bike when i was 16. def twin shock. it was as far as i remember made in 1977, if you cut the pipe open under the seat all yamaha done to restrict them was weld a baffle in. wip it out and away you go upto a heady 50 mph
  10. thank god im not the only one in trouble lol.. i always try and get to the postman first lol
  11. ooh err very nice indeed sir.
  12. it will never sound like a Harley, thank god lol.. just get a secondhand set of exhaust cans. race type and keep the standard ones good and untouched.
  13. as said above. just finding the rite buyer. iv seen them sell for 1200 and seen a few fetch 1700. just depends when somebody is looking one.
  14. omg that H2... before i die its the one thing on my bucket list i have to own. have you bought that Z1r yet, have you
  15. i just had a rumage and yes some of them did have black engines so get her bought lol
  16. BUY it. now. Z1Rs are getting very rare. you break that for more than your paying for it.. strange colour that one? they are normally light blue/silver but outa all the post 900 kawas these are prob the hardest to find. kawasaki America made them into the Z1R turbo that we also got a few of... if it was closer to me id rip his arms off. the engine is more or less bomb proof. they wernt the most popular model when they were produced but people have caught on to them for that very reason and prices are going up. did i mention you should buy it ... try and see if it says on the v5 if its listed as a Z1R.. i thought they had silver engines? , i know the H and the J had black engines .
  17. fair chance the engine will run a little weak if you fit those to it...and they are a cold blooded bike to start with..
  18. i just fitted a set direct to the battery with an inline fuse and they are working fine
  19. sounds a bit like what my diversion was doing . clean the tank inside and whip the carb of again and blow it out. it may have been clean but if there was dirt in the tank/filter it will have blocked the pilot system in your carb. and to help the engine when you go to start it again give it a spray of easy start. i know some say engines get addicted to it and that may be true but for the first start it will help. cant do any harm cause an engine that wont go isnt any use no matter what its addicted to..
  20. that looks well. kinda modern with a retro twist.
  21. pretty much bomb proof bikes.. iv rode a 900 a few times and you dont really notice the weight. they seem to carry it low down..
  22. i think i may add one to the man cave. i had a run on one of the 500 max yamahas and have to say i was amazed how fast it was..
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