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  1. it will fit but you may need to use a large hammer and a JCB digger.. not worth the hassle
  2. lower profile rear tyre if its near time to change it.
  3. brilliant wee scoot about.
  4. i had problems with mine running rough and it turned out the carb rubbers were cracked. not enough to see but when i had it ticking over i sprayed easy start round the rubbers and the revs went up. once i took them of they were cracked under the clips that hold them on. £23 on ebay got me a new set and problem sorted.
  5. in your boots id buy the honda. it will run for ever with oil changes and for sure your wont get bored of it every time you open the taps lol
  6. prob two years of dust,dirt and old fuel causing the problems. get the carbs apart and give them a good clean
  7. i had a 250 suzi rm that wouldnt kick start. tore my hair out cleaning and checking everything.. i then replaced the igniter coil down at the flywheel. first kick and away it went. by the way i also had a great spark but just would not start for love nor money.
  8. dear god i can just see the size of the hole in your piston now .. as somebody has said with the pipes on im sure its running a bit lean.. or put it this way.. if you change from standard pipes and it makes no difference to the fuelling then the pipes are doing no more than the standard pipes... at least go up one size on the mains for peace of mind until you do a proper plug chop on the engine
  9. is that not a tad big for a front?
  10. nice looking work sir. im not normally into chopping up bikes but that turned out well
  11. tzr wheels will have a lot smaller axle in them. i had a yz250 that i fitted fzr400 wheels into but it was a pain getting spacers made up. as the guys said pick up a set of s/h mx wheels and convert them. make sure you check the axle dia as yamaha changed them around 03/04 and made them bigger. 125/250/426 all ran the same sizes each year.
  12. as above . you could try dropping the needle one notch as it sounds like its running rich at the bottom end and bogging the motor. check your reeds and make sure they are closing as with use they can get lazy in old age aswell
  13. fabiostar

    thunderace query

    dont fix what aint broken
  14. oh nice king tiger sir. i wonder how many gallons to the mile that baby does lol
  15. nice pictures sir. i have to admit i also sadly have a thing for ww2 german tanks lol.. nice looking mk1 tiger you have sir
  16. very nice sir, health to own..
  17. has it got reed valves? could be a weak or broken one. plus if you have changed from autolube to premix it will now be running petrol and oil through the jets instead of petrol as normally the oil is injected after the carb jets.. what states the plug in? oily,dry? wet with petrol?
  18. as above drop the forks and get some foam removed from the seat padding. if you lower the rear of the bike it will steer more like a boat than a bike..
  19. it can be removed but. if you have CV carbs on it. save yourself a lot of hassle and keep the airbox. cv carbs hate pod filters. i mean really hate them..
  20. if the scumbag had a van, he WILL be back to steal it. move it and lock it to the biggest thing you can find.
  21. dear god that is sad looking.. i see a statos in there and a real one in any condition is worth a clean fortune
  22. pirelli angels are great. good grip wet or dry and seem to last for ages. i had them on the firestorm and even doing the odd track day the rear still lasted near 7k
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