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  1. jesus thats nasty looking inside.
  2. it should be a straight fit, they are the same engine with a few internal changes thats all.
  3. your only as old as the bike you feel..
  4. nice finds...that 500 looks a nice clean yoke.
  5. i feel your pain. on the up side at least i know im not the only one that has shit days like that,,
  6. it seemed to solve mine. it was fine checking them with the wheel in the bike but when i pulled the wheel out they were as slack as a whores draws ..
  7. very nice. a bike i still fancy owning at some point.
  8. fabiostar


    iv had a set of the Maxxis diamonds on the firestorm, took a long time to scub in but they heat up really well and iv went to work on them and had a few trackdays and thought they were great tyres. rear lasted near 5k which i was pleased with.
  9. my divvie done the same. only noticed it in lower gears. i changed the chain and cush rubbers and it stopped straight away..
  10. fabiostar

    As I write....

    i try to get to as many as i can each year,
  11. have to admire the work in that. very nice
  12. clean looking yoke you got..nice
  13. brilliant... keep it up cause im dying to see how this turns out
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