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  1. This http://japan.webike.net/products/21747701.htmlwould fit with some tiny adjustments, as its for the standard ybr.
  2. Dave-Dr


    Air intake fitted, FI2000 fitted, Sissybar removed and reflectors on panniers removed with eagles replacing them.
  3. Dave-Dr


    The brakes work but dont feel adequte, i have checked the pads thinking they might be worn but the appears to be plenty of life left in them, but ill be putting new sintered pads front & rear on this week, just in case. I've done 8604 miles since august 2014 on the bike, my daily work commute is 60 miles, mixture of A roads, motorways and country roads, and most days thats 2 up, in any weather, so having brakes that work/perform the best is essential. If changing the pads & fitting braided lines doesnt give me the braking i want then a caliper upgrade is the route, so i want any info i can get to hand so if needed im ready.
  4. Dave-Dr


    Hi all, i've been searching for a few days now but had no luck, i dont know a whole lot about caliper sizes/fittngs etc so im strugling to find what would fit. Does anybody know of an alternate caliper that would fit on the XVS950? Im aiming to upgrade the brake system, ive got braided brake lines ready to fit, but id like to swap the rear single piston caliper for something with more stoping power, the front caliper is 2 piston radial caliper, again if possible id like to change that for something better.
  5. Dave-Dr


    Hi all, new on the forums, heres my ride; Mods done so far and some info on them (for anyone looking at the same parts) ; --Exhaust Vance & Hines, big radious 2 into 2 --Front & rear brake resevoir covers Highway hawk front and rear reservoir covers, easy to fit and look great, the rear one is of a xvs1300 which i bought by mistake, fits perfectly tho with a tiny bit of persuasion. --Clutch perch cover Highway hawk, good addition, keeps the crap from getting inside the clutch\lever, and is good looking. --Brake light trim Small but worth while addition to the bike. --Fender eagle --Heated Grips Went with oxford cruiser grips, having had datatool grips on my previous ride, these work just as well and have more control over the temperature. --Rectifier cover Highway hawk part, really simple to fit, looks great and keeps the crap of the rectifier. --Passenger floorboards This was the second bigest pain in the ass to fit of all the mods (1st been the neck covers) they look great and much more cumfy for the passenger so i've been told, had to clamp them up on the hangers in a vice to squash the black rubbers enough to get a locking pin in, and also chamfer the locking pins, so not as simple a fit as the blurb makes them sound. --Brake line chrome wrap Basic mod, till i change the brake lines to braided ones. --Chrome frame neck covers Highway hawk part and a pain in the ass to fit, they look great but took an extra pair of hands and some small modifcation Still a few more bits to do yet, got a cobra powerflo air intake and a cobra FI2000 fuel management unit to instal this week. Other mods/Plans; --Chrome frame cover --Tail tidy --LED brake light mod --Change the sissybar & add a luggage rack --Change the mirrors --Mustang seat --Rider floorboard covers --Sump drain valve plug And possibly some custom paintwork at some point.
  6. Like DR's but the DR stands for my old custom guitar brand\logo
  7. Hi all, new to the forums just thought id introduce myself, I've got a XVS950A, from the UK (north west) So yeah, Hi All
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