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  1. AndyEllis55

    XS500 Project

    Just got hold of an XS500 1978 for a restoration project. I have stripped it down, ordered all the obvious parts I need, and have just had the frame, swing arm and head stock paint stripped at a local company.
  2. Hi all, I have learnt a few things from stripping this bike down and rebuilding it. Do any of these points strike a cord? 1. try and get the bike started before stripping it down. 2. Do not order any replacement parts before stripping it down (not including any needed to get it running in the first place). 3. Clean and inspect every part before sending just the frame head stock and swing arm to be stripped (lots of other bits could use the same treatment). 4. Order as many replacement parts at the same time as possible, this cuts down on postage and waiting time. 5. If ordering parts from outside the EU check postage costs and import duty first (it gets expensive). After saying all this I have enjoyed the experience and definitely want to do another one. Only snag now is that my rebuilt XS500 refuses to start! I have stripped and cleaned the twin carbs, fuel is flowing into the float chambers, I have a good spark at the plugs, I have not messed with the timing so it should be OK, I have a new battery and a car battery to link to. I did replace the old air box with K&N filters, but when I put the old box back on it still would not start. I am not sure if fuel is making it as far as the cylinders, but when I had the engine out I checked the valves and clearances. When I take the air filters off the carbs are full of fuel and the suction from the cylinders seems OK. Any ideas you can suggest to try would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Andy
  3. Hi, thanks for the advice, I have now passed. Andy
  4. Hi, it is an XS500C or E depending on what website I go on to look for parts, and most of the parts appear to be in the USA! Thanks for the advice, I am about to take the head off to check for wear and clean it up, what if anything can I look for for? Andy
  5. Hi KirriePete, thanks for the advice on the Asda DVDs. Went to Asda and purchased one for £5, spent a day solid practicing all the tests and have passed my Theory test first time!. Now need to practice on the road before putting in for my practical ( freely admit that the winter weather is putting me off going out at the moment), my target is 3 months. Thanks again for the great advice. Andy
  6. Hello all, On my 60th birthday last September my family treated me to a CBT Training day. The last time I rode a bike was 43 years ago, and that was when I nicked my brothers Suzuki 90 to go and see my mates. I never passed my test and always regretted it! My son has been a biker for 15 years and I helped him strip and renovate his 1976 Honda 750, it looked brilliant when finished and I thoroughly enjoyed the project. I know own a Suzuki SR 125, runs well after rebuilding the engine and is a great training bike. I now have my eye on a 1978 XS 500 to renovate and hopefully ride after I have taken my road test (and hopefully passed). On a down note I have tried the practice hazard perception tests on the Internet and failed two out of three times, has anyone got any tips for when I should press please? Standard theory test is fine. Hope to hear from some like minded bikers soon Best Regards Andy
  7. Name: Yamaha SR 125 (2001) Date Added: 16 December 2014 - 11:28 AM Owner: AndyEllis55 Short Description: I bought the bike as a good trainer, For my 60th birthday my family bought me a CBT training day which I thoroughly enjoyed. This little bike had been abused and needed some TLC, replacement head, chain and sprockets, tyres, seat cover, engine strip down and clean, new bars, clutch cable, oil, fuel, and a some sweat and swearing from me. It now has 12 months MOT and runs really well1 the next job is to strip it completely and clean and paint everything, I will probably do this through the winter months. View Vehicle
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