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  1. I'd say my clutch biting point is at about 60-70% released on the lever though I have not adjusted this. I'll try rocking back & forth with the clutch in but I think I will probably need to get it looked at. @blackhat250 I don't think I rest my toe on the lever between shifts but I will make sure not to do so in future.
  2. Hi, thanks for the replies. - I don't tend to skip gears when changing I don't think. - I'm having the issue is both stopped and when moving - My gear changing technique was a bit rough but had improved before this issue started. The main thing I was doing badly was dropping the clutch suddenly after changing which made it a bit rough. I didn't notice bangs or clunks though - I haven't checked the oil as I've only done a few journeys since its service but I'll check this The first time I had the issue on Sunday I pulled over, pulled the clutch in & tried to coax it down to first/neutral with no success. I then turned off the ignition and waited a bit working the selector downwards with the clutch in & turned it on again and it was in neutral. I got first & pulled away & I thought it was ok but once I changed up to second it would go back down again. I tried the same again soon after but it didn't work. I'm not capable of fixing it myself but the dealer I bought it from is further away than I'd want to drive it with this issue. Plus it's not got a warranty on it. Don't suppose anyone can recommend a good garage/mechanic in South London? Thanks again, Mike
  3. Hi, Sorry to add yet another post on this topic... I am also having gear problems but my situation is slightly different. I've just bought a 2010 YBR125 with about 15.5k miles on it. The dealer who sold it to me said it had been fully serviced and for my first few journeys it has been fine, I've done around 200 miles on it. Driving it last Sunday though it stopped changing down to first and now I can only get 2nd and 3rd gears. It made the drive home a bit difficult having to constantly ease off in 2nd and I'm sure it wasn't good for the clutch. If I try to chage down from 2nd or up from 3rd the selector moves but nothing happens. I'm aware that the issue could well have been caused by me changing gear badly as I am a new rider... but can anyone offer any advice and or/recommend a trusted garage/mechanic in South London? Thanks!
  4. Yeah, enjoying it so far, although I think I may have messed up my gearbox with hamfisted learner gearchanges because I'm having issues... I'm a little reluctant to start yet another YBR gears thread though as many owners seem to have similar trouble.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to Yamaha ownership and new to riding so I thought I'd check in here and say hi. Mike
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