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  1. Was wondering if anyone could make me a caliper bracket for my dtr I've been to the engineering place down the road and they quoted me £25 but there busy for the next couple off weeks and I don't like missing out on this weather lol here is my email if anyone can help [email protected] cheers
  2. No someone asked if they could use different forks on there bike i said yes but will need a calliper bracket and you replied to that this is the only post i have asked this in
  3. Name: yamaha dtr (2003) Date Added: 21 December 2014 - 02:23 PM Owner: millerh Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  4. Im new so i just thaught id say helloooo
  5. Lots of dtr's ceep getting stolen round near me i now have to cwep mine in my kitchen my gf is verry unhappy
  6. Yeh my brother just had a letter through the post with a fine for £80 because he didn't put his bike one they sure love finding new methods of revenue
  7. Im pretty sure all dtr forks are the same from the point that they changed it fron the lc to the dtr other than the dtx versions witch had the different calliper mounts. i think im going to have to make a bracket not sure how yet as i have a lack of tools
  8. Its not hard it literally tells you what goes to what and labels the colours get a coloured diagram maybe easyer
  9. I only had a back one and then it snapped of in the woods after about a month got pulled over and had a telling off there annoying but the law is the law i guess
  10. They fit but you would have to make up a bracket for the calliper for the oversized rotor
  11. Its a christian Holliday with no relation to Christianity lol
  12. Hi i have just baught a pair of wr125x wheels for my dtr as im slowly rebuilding it, they fit straight on no problems but i need an adapter for the front calliper is there any out there i can buy or will i have to make one
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