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  1. can I just throw 2p down the safety well on this one, Ive been biking now for something that must equate to 2 normal life times. Ive seen mates of mine injured and I have also seen mates of mine die, I've had mates lose limbs some of them were unlucky enough to lose more than one limb.anyway, point is that some wore leather some did not the fact of the matter is that they all got hurt, basically it is all just luck of the draw no matter what we wear when biking, sure leathers will save you more than cloth from the stupid stuff like gravel rash and in the more serious accidents it will hold you together instead of the ambulance man going to look see where your arm or leg is laying..whatever you guys and girl decide to wear its all gonna hurt one way other the other come a nasty spill, so take it easy and be a safe as you can eh.
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