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  1. I wouldn't expect you to be wearing anything less
  2. I already did, smartarse. Really hope I bump into you soon
  3. The point is, that nobody will benefit from "your" wisdom over MY "incident" because what you wrote was bollocks. You weren't there. You have no idea what happened. Quit trying to be smart. It doesn't suit you
  4. No, what you did was make a complete fabrication and used your poor memory as an excuse. I couldn't give a flying fuck about your "salient points" I really hope you don't have a serious accident at any point soon. I also hope that if you do, nobody uses it as a sanctimonious lesson for others, and makes their own shit up about it.
  5. Ya see, this is why you will always be a complete knob. You wrote a fictitious story and used my name. I got cross (as most people would) and you're not sorry. You think you're clever. Sigh
  6. Thanks Drewp for sorting that. Much appreciated Yeah right, you'd had all day to do it.
  7. Yes, you're right. Of course it could have helped. It could have kept my degloved leg in place until they removed my leathers. Then I could have just bled in the hospital rather than on the road. I have said my piece. I am not happy about being used as an argument for safety gear when it wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference. You don't want to hear that, of course you don't. And, if you are who I think you are, I am not surprised. You carry on being invincible in your little leather suit. I bid you all farewell
  8. Lallasro - if I had been wearing bike boots up to my knees - possibly. I can't ride in boots like that.
  9. They probably are, but they'd still deglove if they were wearing leathers or shorts. This is what I'm trying to make you understand. If enough weight and pressure is applied in the right area, the flesh will remove from the bone.
  10. I have no idea what clothing riding up has to do with it. Deglovement is generally caused by pressure. A big, feck off car forcing your bones out of your skin will have that effect, regardless of what you are wearing.
  11. I think you might be Elephantitis, but no matter. FTR full leathers will NOT stop a deglovement. I do still occasionally ride in jeans (usually armoured but sometimes not) You pays your money, you makes your choice. It may be wise, next time you are discussing people's accidents, not to actually name them. I object to being used as an example in a safety gear nazi thread when you didn't have your facts straight to start with.
  12. Cheers Andy. It took a while, but after 5 years I finally got shot of the crutches and bought another bike
  13. Yes, you must certainly know all the facts. For one, I didn't come off the bike and slide down the road. The deglovement happened when the car (not van) , coming from the right - not head on, hit and squashed my leg between it's bumper and my bike engine. I was still upright when the accident was over. My jeans did not ride up my leg while I didn't slide down the road - no matter what dramatic embellishment you add, the deglovement was a crush injury and would have happened were I wearing leathers or not (straight from the consultant's mouth). As for the experience with bikes, also wrong - but if it helps to make your story better, carry on.
  14. Just had my attention drawn to this thread. Interesting to read about my own accident (full of misinformation btw) and the judgements passed by Ttaskmaster. Do I know you? I don't recall having met you, but you do seem to know an awful lot about me..... or think you do.
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