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  1. Does anyone have an updated link for compatible parts?
  2. Hello, does anyone know if the ignition module on the SZR660 is used on any other bikes, or alternatively, if a module from another bike can be used on an SZR660. My head tells me the MZ range of 660s would suit, but how about other 660s (or 600 singles) from the Yammie range, including those on Quads et al. Here's hoping for some good news on cross compatibility!
  3. Name: Yamaha SZR660 (1997) Date Added: 10 November 2014 - 03:40 PM Owner: Time4acoffee Short Description: Beautiful handling, high spec bike and would have been much bigger seller over here if Yamaha had priced it properly. Will tackle rest of resto over this winter. I am also contemplating replacing the engine on my other SZR with something giving more ponies. Any ideas on what might fit without bike having to undertake major surgery? View Vehicle
  4. Hi Graham, and good luck wit your restoration. Remember to get a set of spanners that turn both ways! G
  5. Thanks for the friendly welcome guys. I expect I will be on here fairly frequently, so will "see you around". Cheers, best pop off for a coffee now...
  6. Hi I'm from the Buchan area of North East Scotland and thought I best introduce myself. Currently running 2 x SZR660s (one on road and one undergoing "restomod"), and a Suzuki SV650s. Cheers, and keep the shiny side up!
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