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  1. Finally finished everything up just need to fix wiring and adjust the clutch and rear brakes but I took it around the block and rides great here's the finished product
  2. Well it's been a while since I posted, after a fall out with my powdercoater, long story, I sent the parts some where else and got them back Thursday. Worked on the bike all day today and got it all mocked up just need to torque everything down
  3. haha yea i went with black because i did not want to paint the frame and it contrasts the gold/bronze im going with as well
  4. wont be able to ride till spring so im not in a huge rush only thing that will hold me back is money since im still in school. once we get snow i should be set
  5. little update, everything is taken apart down to the frame and motor. sent out the parts for powdercoat and should have them back by friday. next step is ordering fork seals and oil, valve cover gasket. scored some free black paint and bought more primer and gloss black rattle can to freshen up the frame and paint all the bolts. need to pick up a can of wrinkle black for the motor yet and prep the rims and a couple other small parts. once everything is painted i will start assembly
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-90386-18028-00-90386-18028-00-BUSH-SPECL-NYLON-/181508095199?pt=Boat_Parts_Accessories_Gear&hash=item2a42b9bcdf&vxp=mtrfound this on ebay
  7. thought about swapping to mono shock but decided to wait for now. thanks for the tips! never ride it iffy weather heard that the lines can go bad though? havent had any issues with it yet looks like the oil level sending unit on the pan is leaking so ill be looking in to that. as far as oem parts, there pretty tough to come by. ebay has a lot of salvage parts also found that bikebandit.com offers diagrams and oem parts might be your best bet for new stuff. I do love this bike so far topped it out once racing a new cbr500 and walked it like it was standing still, not bad for a 25 year old b
  8. Bought the bike towards the end of the riding season this year for 750. Had 6000 or so miles on it (odometer was not on the bike had broken off) rode about 1000 miles and now its time to fix it up and do some modifications. List of mods and work for the winter: Fork seals Oil change Fix leak on bottom of pan new valve cover gasket clean everything french rear tail light and relocate license plate paint fenders, tank, wheels gloss black paint motor wrinkle black powdercoating all chrome, aluminum and some other parts bronze black clubman bars bar end mirrors black and bronze gri
  9. Bought a 1989 radian a couple months ago and plan on doing some stuff to it this winter. rather than make multiple threads with separate questions I figured I would make one with a couple questions for you all. 1. I would like to go mono shock, what stock bikes with monoshocks have swing arms that would bolt into my frame with minor mods or no mods? 2. If I have to use the stock arm can I swap to a disk brake? 3. Do pod filters require syncing or rejetting? 4. What streetbike tanks have a center tunnel that I could use? Feel free to answer what you can and give me insight t
  10. Yes it is! Couldnt pass up the photo opp getting a bit cold here now unfortunately
  11. yea i know the work it entails, im very mechanically inclined just never done a bike picked it up cheap and wanted to do something different heres a pic of mine
  12. Hey guys I'm from northwest indiana bought my 89 radian a couple months ago. It's my first bike and a blast to ride. I'd like to make it a cafe racer streetfighter mix Going for something along these lines
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