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  1. You are probably right. I was just guess describing it. Thanks. Taking the bike in next week for a check-up, think it will be better to just have someone professional have a look and assessment.
  2. First bike. Yamaha xt350 97. If ridden the bike for probably 400kms now. There always seems to be n little oil in the barge plate at the bottom, so Im worried that I might end up riding it without oil or to low of a level and do damage to the engine. Is the bit of oil in the barge plate normal? How often do I need to top up oil? How much? Is there a dipstick like in a car? Thanks
  3. okay, grand, will give it a go. Think I had trouble starting it exactly because I forgot to turn off the fuel.
  4. I have a Yamaha XT350 1997. Ive been trying to figure out the best way to stop the bike for a easier start next time. So if you just parked the bike and its still running, do you turn the fuel off to drain some of it to prevent flooding it easily next time? Does it matter if you dont turn off the fuel? Ive seen people mention that you need to rock the bike to move the piston to the very top for quicker starts. All in all I want to know if there is a recipe to make it easy, ot do you just need a stronger leg? Thanks in advance for the advice
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Yep, did that and it worked. Now for the next question, but I will probably need to make a new thread for this.
  6. Hi My name is Morne. Ive recently bought myself a Yamaha XR350 1997. I have never ridden a big bike before, always just small automatics. Mostly this was the sort of tourist bikes you get in Greece on Thailand etc. So Im not sure how things work here exactly, but Im going to probably ask quite a few questions through the course of time. Starting off with something that happened last night on a training ride. I rode for probably 20km and was just around the corner from home. I turned onto a small street and accelerated quite mildly and shifted into second. Again accelerated mildly. I wasnt going fast and the revs was not really high. I dont know what I did but I accidentally shifted the bike back to first without using the clutch. I did not notice anything wrong as I shifter back to 2nd and on to 3rd. After about 300 meters I arrived home. I put the stand out and tried to select neutral. But neutral was gone and still is. I tried quite a few times. It seems like it might be going from 1st to 2nd. It does not matter how lightly or carefully I tried to shift it, it does not go to neutral. So I guess my obvious question is, could I have done a bit of damage to the bike with my downshift, or is ther possibly something im not thinking about? Thanks
  7. Yamaha XT350 97. Went from mid 2nd gear to 1st without clutch (was an accident as im still learning). Rode the bike fine for the remaining 200m home, bike was fine or it seemed fine when I switched gears. after stopped bike wont go to neutral. Ive tried a few times, but it stays in gear. Any Ideas please?
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