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  1. Hi guys,

    as some may know im rebuilding an sr125 1997.

    I was looking to upgrade the headlight bulb but all documentation says that its a 3 prong H4 bulb. Mine isnt. Its a push fit, (like an old torch bulb) 12v/35w.

    does anybody know the correct description of this bulb do I can investigate upgrading.



  2. Hi all. Just checking in. Hope you all had a nice christmas and a drunk new year.

    not much to tell on the bike due to it being bloody cold. No point in rushing it and then it standing around waiting for the warmer weather. Theres 2 inch of snow outside at the moment so bugger that for a game of soldiers. If your riding in this weather, remember stay safe and watch for the dickheads pulling out.

  3. Hi airhead,

    Cant answer that as this is a learning project for me, however I have just googled balancer shaft and I havnt seen or removed one. It may be in the gearbox but havnt touched the gears, waaay too complicated for me.

  4. Ok took wiring loom off handle bars swing arm and forks. New bearings needed.

    Had bit of a wobble today thinking "how does this all go back together".

    Also I think I am going to have to double check the engine. When I put the timing chain back on, I aligned the top cam and fly wheel with their marks. Have just read that I needed to align a third wheel. Can anybody help on this.

    Stay safe

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  5. 3dc34783dde589a47913447f47a9867e.jpg

    Good evening ladies and gents, Hope all is well in your world.

    Time for a quick update. As you can see from the pic I have moved the frame onto the bench, its a bit cramped in a shed but it beats being outside, the frame had been hand painted with hammerite so needed to remove it to see what lurks beneath. To be honest its in good condition only a little bit of rust, hardly any on the swing arm so I think thats been replaced at some point. Didnt want to leave bear metal so gave it a tickle of primer. Off work tomorrow so will do a bit more.

    Stay safe.

  6. 1423c8d1e211fe7a08c200b73a143098.jpg



    Ok time for a quick update. The engine is now rebuilt, lots of new parts and as you can see a bit of paint and polishing.

    Hand sanding is bloody hard work. The finish isnt perfect but this is a learning curve and for a first attempt im pleased with the result. I am going to order stainless bolts for a bit of extra bling.

    Bench tested the starter and all seems well. Next ill fit the engine back on the bike and order last few bits. Exhaust, front disc and then time to decide on the paint job. Any ideas.....

  7. 84d80b95b97a721054f8c9a13629ee0a.jpg



    Hi guys and gals, ok quick update.

    Not done much work on the bike for a few weeks, spent alot of time at work doing overtime to get pennies to spend on parts and for christmas. However I have been busy buying parts As you can see from the pics. VERY pleased that I managed to pick a left hand side panel in a box of bits all for £31. Nice seat, piston, gasket set and plenty of other stuff. Its like xmas came early for me. [emoji4] the second engine I bought for £50, needed a starter motor which was goingbto cost me £45 so bought the engine and will sell on the rest. After cleaning of course. Will be starting the engine rebuild tomorrow so fingers crossed.

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  8. Ok, as described in the welcome section. Got a beaten up bargain for £240. So can afford to spend a bit on it. full engine rebuild, lots of new parts and a respray. First time doing this and have already snapped a head bolt, oh and the bloody sump plug refuses to budge, got a mate to sort that for me. Thoroughly enjoying doing it though so as I do the work I will update snd post pics.

    Stay safe.








  9. Hi all, just saying hi and introduce myself.

    After many years of car driving I have decided to finally give in to my inner teenager and get a bike. Bought myself an sr125 in quite a poor state. Will post pic. And have decided to restore it to former glory. It is now down to just frame, forks and loom with the engine stripped on the bench. So over the coming months, (no sense in rushing it over the winter) I would like to share the project with my new friends on here and share my experience. Glad of any tips or hints.

    ok here what ive done so far. Stripped bike to fame, engine out and stripped, wheels, seat, mud guards, lights, tank all off. Caseings all shined up.

    parts being ordered this week.

    Piston and rings, full gasket set, new fairings, front mud guard, head bolts, new starter motor, sump plug. There maybe more but forgotten at the moment.

    thats all for now, ill keep you all updated and pics too.

    Ride safe


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