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  1. Top article that jimmy. Given me some good tips. Dont have the snapped off bit so was thinking of making a mould from the lug on the other side panel then using tie wraps, melt them into the mould to form the bit needed then ill weld it on like in that article. Worth a go. Thanks again.

  2. Hi guys, checked all the connections and swopped the wires over on the starter relay and....... wayhay it turned over.

    Bad news was that after putting laquer on the tank it crazed so had to strip it again. Never mind rome wasnt built in a day. Nice and sunny today too. One of the side panels has a damaged lug clip so will have think of a way to fabricate a repair. Any ideas guys and gals.

    Stay safe

  3. Ok. No laughing but i found the problem. The 5 bulbs that go in the binicle were in the wrong order. How stupid do i feel.

    Ok only i prob now. When i push the start button nothing happens. No movement no sound. Any ideas guys.

  4. Ok guys need help. Indicators flash correctly now but when i turn on left indicator the turn signal light on the binicle doesnt flash the nuetral indicator does. Also high beam light on binicle is constantly lit all be it very dim. Ill try and post a vid.

  5. Just looking at that stripe on the tank. Proper chuffed with that. Never used that bendy masking tape before. I might start doing this as a job. Lol

  6. Tried the battery to test electrics and pissed myself laughing. Opposite indicators flashing, no neutral light, no clock lights and nothing on the start button. Oh well wiring check needed.

  7. 696179effe220b33bfcc62ccab13d9ef.jpg

    Ok guys back after the crappy weather.

    As you will see over the next few pics things have moved on a little.

    Frame done and most of the spaying. Have now started the rebuild.

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