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  1. Hi guys. Not been on in a while. Hope all are well.

    Im after some help with a strange problem. 97 sr125. When i press the starter button i get strong voltage and good spark then it drops off and no spark. As i take finger off the button voltage grows again and spark returns.

    Obviously this all happens quickly but can been seen by eye and on meter.

    Im not the best with electrics so any help appriciated.



  2. Hi mate. I too had a problem with my yammy sr sump plug although not completly gone. I would recommend get the sump plug repaired. Bite the bullet and get it done properly. You need to get all the shite out of the sump. Think long term and it could damage engine. You will also drive to the end of the earth if you know the bike is right. Some things are not worth skrimping on.

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  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I stripped it down yesterday and rotated the cam. Put her back together and shes running far better. As soon as the rain goes away its time for a test ride. If there is anything else ill ask for more help. Thanks again.

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  4. Ok guys before i rip this engine down a little advice please. After new valve seals installed bike struggled to start and was VERY lumpy. After alot of fettling ive come to do timing and have checked and rechecked that im on compression stroke (4t). But when piston is at the top just after inlet valve closes, the top cam timing mark is exactly 180 deg off.

    Q. could i have put the top cam back in upside down. I.E. 180deg off.....

    Thoughts please..

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  5. Hi guys.

    Yamaha sr125 throttle cable snapped. Bought new one from wemoto but seemed to be an inch short. When assembled It was if i had throttle open a quarter turn. Had it in a garage for another issue and asked mechanic to fit me another. When i got it back. Same issue. He gave me back the old one so i know it was changed. Both of us cant have got it wrong. Any ideas guys.

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  6. The way I look at it Steve is if I had stayed in for the duration (22 years) I most likely would be on a good pension now. BUT, I wouldn't have met my wife whom I have been with for over forty years and had my two most beautiful kids that I could ever wish for.


    Yeh agree mate. If not for hmp i wouldnt have met my wife or had my girls but although a scary thought, moving on could be the best decision.

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  7. Thanks mate but have checked carb and all jets clear. Im thinking it could be crank case pressure or valve guides as the problem started after throttle cable snapped and apparently after a sudden shut down of revs, valve guides can go. Looks like im stripping the top end.

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  8. Good luck with the future mate. Top tip DO NOT even contemplate joining HM Prison service alot of ex service men did in the 80s and 90s and it was great back then. Now you would be better on the streets its an awful job now. After 20yrs im about to leave and join MOD in a civvy role. Avoid like the plague.

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  9. Hi guys. My little project has hit a problem. Yamaha sr125 wont start without a little choke even when warm. When it does start it revs fine but as soon as i pop the choke back in it dies.

    When its trying to start it does alot of popping and farting. Here is what ive looked at so far. Had a meter on the ignition coil, all good. Plug good. Stripped and checked the carb. Checked and reset valve timing. Done leak test on carb rubbers. Mixture good. Getting spark and fuel. Im now stumped. Any ideas lads and lasses greatly recieved.

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  10. Hi. I know this is an old thread but if like me you need an answer to the question i was stumped by mine today as the forks were different to the haynes manual.

    After removing the fork from the bike i slid the dust cover off. Removed circlip and washer from ontop of the seal. Then look at the very top of the fork and there are two slight cut outs approx 22mm in width. I clamped the top part of the fork in a soft vice and unscrewed it. Be careful at the end as the nut is under load from the internal spring. Oil will now come out. Stand up the fork and remove metal tube, washer and spring. Then hold the lower stantion and slam the upper from the lower several times like a slide hammer and the seal will pop out. Cont.......

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    Place to one side and then remove internal plunger from bottom stantion. Clean all parts as best you can removing all old oil. Once clean re-assemble in reverse order but add a thin coat of fresk fork oil to all metal parts first. In order to get the new seal below the circlip line i placed the old seal on top of the new one and then tapped it home turning the fork as i did. Once home replace washer and circlip. Fill with oil. Replace spring washer and tube and then screw the top back on. All done.

    Msg me if any questions. Good luck.

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  11. Hi guys. A little help please. Bike runnibg sweet as a nut but suffering a saggy and loose centre stand. Also foot brake not fully returning. When i looked underneath the centre stand spring top mount is bent downwards taking tension out of spring and fouling the footbrake return spring. Question is can i weld a new peg on there.

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