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  1. Dom1878

    Selling my bike

    Okay that'll be why then. Doesn't mention that anywhere so didn't know.
  2. Dom1878

    Selling my bike

    Morning Sorry to ask, but as I mentioned before, I can no longer start a topic in the For Sale section, that's because your not a paid member
  3. No need to move anything, but bag supports which screw onto the chrome strips on the fender are suggested to keep the bags away from the drivetrain etc. Got a pair of tech leather ones for my 125 off ebay for 50 quid new. They just sling over under the back seat, don't know why you would want a support bar? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cruiser-Motorcycle-Motorbike-Panniers-Leather/dp/B0092E8IBS/ref=lp_303846031_1_9/277-2288301-2021028?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1463749308&sr=1-9 Ignore that, I read it as xvs125!
  4. Dom1878

    For sale section

    Cheers Drewpy, but there is no 'Start New Topic' or option to post on there?
  5. Dom1878

    For sale section

    Is the For Sale forum not available to advertise a bike on anymore? Or am I just being thick?
  6. SMH10 is bang on. And the voice control actually works well.
  7. Also, drain a bit of fuel and check if there's any water droplets in in. Happened twice on mine, always the wet seasons fuck it up.. Summer and winter, no problems.
  8. Dom1878

    Front disc bolts

    Cheers. Will have a look around.
  9. Dom1878

    Front disc bolts

    Afternoon Here's a thoroughly dull question for you. I'm replacing the front disc on the 125 and need to change the bolts as they look a bit shoddy. Can I get some in the same dimensions from a local nut & bolt dealer or would they need to be specifically Yamaha / motorcycle specific?
  10. Using dry lube so it's not that. Didn't think of the breather, I don't think I overfilled it though. Cheers Slice, it appears its a static disc so looks like its just fucked.
  11. Cheers guys. Just ordered a new seal off ebay, will see if it helps. Off topic, I saw a video on here the other day about about brake bobbins. Do all bikes have floating discs or are the ones on a dragstar static. Mine is flagged as running out and am wondering if I can do anything before buying a new disc.
  12. Dom1878

    Bike brake bobbins.

    I was about to buy a new disc! Definitely doing this first, cheers!! I assume he was using chain and brake disc cleaner.
  13. Apart from a 'speeding ticket' albeit 34 in a 30 zone (bastards) I've never paid a PCN. Do everything in writing/typed letters as it slows the process down and they can't up the charge whilst you have acknowledged the original letter and are querying the evidence. It costs them a lot more money and time than you and they will not go to court on it unless you are the unluckiest person on the road. And yes, they can't issue a notice based on what they think you did so demand a photo of you on the wrong side stating you will happily pay the £65 upon receipt of this. These guys are brilliant for stuff like this. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk
  14. So to add to the ongoing niggles over the past year, I now have an oil leak but not sure where from? When she's been sitting for a few hours there is no sign of a drip anywhere, it is only when she's been running that it comes out and there is a lot splattered on the underside toward the rear of the engine. Losing what looks like about a tablespoon when it's parked, not sure how much when on the move (keeping the level topped up obviously). It tends to drip from the frame on the left hand side just behind the sidestand, may be running from the seam in the centre (hope not). Not missing a beat and no tapping or mechanical noises of concern but obviously don't want to push it. Have no money till payday though and need the bike for the week. Any simple diagnosis I can do other than the visual after wiping the underside down?
  15. Cheers Jimmy, exactly what I needed. Thanks.
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