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    Love taking my bike out for long rides when the opportunity arises
  1. Saffa84

    Down South?

    Hi Guys, I am based in Ashtead, Surrey so not too far from you. Let me know when you are next out and i will see if I can make it. Cheers Ian
  2. Saffa84

    My new bike - XJ6 Diversion F

    Added LED indicators and thinking of a HUD white light kit or just full Halogen bulbs
  3. Keen to see what you have done I have a XJ6 Diversion F which I have just bought. So far Added LED lights and thinking of HUD lights. Would be interested in seeing what you have done
  4. Hi guys I am new here and live in Ashtead. If there are any riders in Surrey keen to go out for the day somewhere please so let me know. I have a XJ6 Diversion F so can go anywhere. Cheers Ian
  5. Hi Tim hope you have been getting used to your bike now. I moved from a 125 to the XJ6 Diversion F as it was a good cross between racer and cruiser. Firstly this bike has been designed for long distance riding but still allows you to ride it occasionally like a race bike. Obviously you can't go as low but the design makes sure it holds in corners so you can open it up a bit. I love my bike and can keep up with some of the bigger racers at 800cc. It's all about getting comfortable which experience gives you. Enjoy the ride you have a great bike! Cheers Ian
  6. I have just bought my bike and keen to put in some white halogen bulbs although the manual does not say what type only that it is 60w/55w. Is the main bulb a H4 and what is the auxiliary? Also is it worth putting a HUD kit on for bright white light?
  7. I'm a Saffa living in London and I have a XJ6 Diversion F which I love. If you ever come this side let me know I stay in Ashtead so close to London. Always keen for an excuse to take the bike out!
  8. Hi guys just wanted to introduce myself. I recently bought a Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F after passing my test and loving my new commute. I am based in Ashtead and if there is anyone in the area or close by happy to meet up for rides!!
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