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  1. Thanks everybody for guidance on fitting the centre stand and spring - very helpful indeed. I shall give it a go this weekend. Shame about the vibration aspect though - I would have thought this would have been designed out before production - never mind, its still good to be back on two wheels again. Thanks again to all have shown an interest - Be safe out there Grog
  2. Hi I have had my 1998 XJ600S for a couple of months now, generally I am quite pleased to be back on two wheels but have a couple of queries somebody out there may be able to help :- 1) I have posted this before without any luck - the bike has a vibration at 3500 - 4000 rpm (around 50 mph) I took the bike to my local motorcycle repair shop who tinkered round with it by tightening a few bits including the rear axle !! It hasn't made any difference - anybody got any ideas as my journey to work is at 50 mph !! 2) I have managed to get a centre stand for my bike, fitting looks fairly straightforward apart from the beefy spring - any ideas how to assemble the centre stand and the spring without enlisting the help of Schwarzenegger !! Look forward to your replies Grog
  3. Hi Everybody I am 68 this year and just got back onto two wheels. I have never had new bikes my last one being a 1984 Honda Nighthawk CB650SC - a good bike but spares getting hard/dear to get hold of. I have just bought a 1998 XJ600S Diversion, not the bike I wanted I would have preferred the 900 with shaft drive, but was within my price range. I am quite pleased with the bike apart from a vibration felt throughout the bike at around 3500 rpm. below and above the bike is quite smooth but my fillings suffer at this rpm. The bike has a non standard 4-1 exhaust system which sounds great ( the main reason I bought the bike ) but apart from that I assume the bike is standard. It passed the MOT a while back with no major issues so I assume the bike is structurally sound. Looking on EBay it seems that vibration is a common fault with this model although I find it hard to believe Yamaha would produce a bike with such an inherent fault. My question is that is this a common problem and, if not, any suggestions as to a cure ?? My journey to work is coincidentally at 50mph which equates to the dreaded 3500rpm. Ride safe Groglewis
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