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  1. yeah... i kinda know i own a xj600s but thx for the link
  2. it's a xj600s Diversion, but i'm trying to find out where is it manufactured.
  3. Can't find info on-line. Any help? my VIN: 4BR00xxxx thanx in advance
  4. You can try wemoto.com I found a lot of good stuff there... I believe you said your Div is '97. so here is a direct link. They are located in the UK, but i think they have shops worldwide. I got my screen there, it's cheap and has some minor errors that can be corrected with sandpaper and patience (considering the price: it's great)
  5. 4BR00xxxx there... hope you'll be able to get the info. thx
  6. One would say that the "Clunk" is a sign of good gearbox (mostly associated with Kawasaki gearboxes) although these bikes make the driver sloppy and by the time you get to 100k+ km (60k+ miles) like i did, you'll get the "usual" problem of the bike periodically falling out of the 2nd gear when you try to accelerate very fast. Hey... that's after 60k miles... seems OK to me to have that problem
  7. Nope tried the filter... and: it's an air-cooled engine.
  8. I tried to do that but it has a 9-digit VIN , therefore making it virtually impossible to find that out on-line... i'll hop down to the local Yamaha Shop and see if they can check it out.
  9. Do not be discouraged if none of those 2 work, cause i've been looking for solutions to a similar problem. I keep running into a similar answer to the question you have: it seems that those engines are very sleepy under 3000 or 3500 rpm but come to life after that. Nevertheless those are very sturdy and long-life engines and due to that such a "problem" can easily be forgiven. But if you get it solved (maybe my sources are not so reliable), I'll be very grateful and happy
  10. Oh, one more thing: the fuel heating could be the main issue since this engine has an interesting design . The oil from the engine has a cannal that drives the oil through the carbs thus either cooling the oil or pre-heating the fuel. Jamming that would be great to stop the fuel from heating , but then the oil... oh, the oil would boil (nothing says it like rhyme). I'll see if the needle-job will do the trick first.
  11. well, i'm already using the 10/40 well, spitting on the engine (what a method!) makes a "lovely" fizzy sound and makes the spit vapourise instantly the moment it touches the engine. However, I shall try to dabble with the needles (4 carbs) and see what that will do. Thank you guys... I'll keep ya'll posted if I do/don't get rid of the problem.
  12. Sorry for barging in without introducing, I hope you guys will forgive me, I've fixed that mea culpa here:
  13. Hi, guys Nice to see a comunity with so many people ready to help each other. I'm looking forward to being a part of it. I've been riding a '91. TD125 as a kid, dabbled a bit with european bikes, but eventually got back to Yamaha. Now I own a '92. XJ600s Diversion (8 years now) and it meets my needs so far since I don't get enough time (or money) to travel far and the maintenance expenses seem to be increbily low. I call it "The bike for the monetary-challenged biker"
  14. Hi guys, As the title says: i have an overheating problem with my '92. Diversion. Obviously there isn't much to be done about it since it is an air-cooled engine but i was hoping to get any useful advice. I live in a warm region on the Adriatic sea, with high summer temperatures, so during the summer my bike gets so hot after 2 minutes of riding that it chokes whenever i'm under 3,500 rpm (causes a lot of uneccesary traffic-light-to-traffic-light racing due to the fact that every other bike thinks i'm teasing them). after 8 years i got used to this problem but i feel that there must be
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