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  1. So I recently acquired a brand new ybr125 0miles. After a bit of a shakey start (I felt so uncomfortable it was unreal just so nervous on the road) I hit the 40 mile mark on the bike and suddenly out of nowhere I fell in love. Having owned the little baby for a week now and covered just over 80miles I look forward to comuting to work everyday as its just so relaxing. There is no real reason for this post to be honest but perhaps someone like me who was nervous as hell after passing there cbt will see this and know it does become so much fun. Picture of bike is below. Www.Imgur.com/p56p1nf
  2. Hi G1hsg and thanks Ive heard horror stories my missus Dad has a 600CC Honda and he has stories of people litrally running into the back of him stationary at a red light.Or trying to overtake him to the point its dangerous and nearly pushing him of the road simply because they dont like to be behind bikes.
  3. Yea that was my thinking until l went into my yamaha dealership and sat on the 2014 model , That thing is sexy for a little 125 and with only a £700 differnce between new and low milage used. (2550 new Plus you get your CBT refunded) The sales bloke made a real good argument for new lol I just needed a Sanity check I mean at the end of the day it is just a stop gap untill I can get the beautiful Suzuki GSX650f or a Yammaha equivilant. Ill have to look at insurance quotes on older models to see what the difference is. Im still in two minds about buying new and the Financing would lessen the upfront cost of insurance gear and bike.
  4. Hi all Just a quick Introduction on the fourom for a soon to be rider. I am a 20 year old father of one and work in IT looking to start a new lifestyle as a motocyclist rather than a public transport jocky . However as being a new rider I do have one question I am looking at a YBR as a first bike and I am wondering should I buy new ? I will get between 2-3 years out of it before I can move on to a full A licence anyway however being my first bike Im likely to drop it ect however I do have a 2 years manufacture warrenty plus a year of roadside recovery. Did any one here buy new for there first bike and would they recommend it ? (bearing in mind finance repayment = my monthly bus fair lol) Glad to meet you all and hope to see you on the road soon
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