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  1. Ok it was amazing and met some really nice people!
  2. Hi, I bought a brand new shiny YBR about 3 week's ago. For me personally I went new because I don't really know anything about bikes and therefore had no I idea what to look for on a used bike. I like the fact that I'm the only one that's used it, but it's a bit of a pain breaking in the engine!
  3. Tomorrow I'm biting the bullet and going on a mass charity ride. Looking at about 300 bikes going! If anyone is around this way (I know it's late notice) but everyone is meeting at 9.30 at streetbike in halesowen, Birmingham. The ride is to quatts cafe in bridgnorth. Any advise for a group ride?!
  4. Meatloaf I seriously hope that doesn't happen, but I'm sorry to admit I did laugh reading your post :-D Maybe that could be a topic for a forum, silly mistakes that we've made!
  5. Just a little update - I've made it to work and back on my bike with only a few minor issues! I need to work on my confidence and hopefully will be able to filter past traffic at some point, and my hill starts need a lot of work! Any pointers?! Other than that it's been a steady week I think. How is everyone else's?
  6. Been out for a bit tonight, but can't wait for my engine to be fully broken in! The only thing I've noticed is cars overtaking me, even though I'm doing the speed limit!
  7. Going to see if I can get the time off of work for Squires, and if the other half will let me loose with a bunch of bikers! I wish he was into bikes too, and then this could be something we shared
  8. After spending too long reading through this entire thread, I'm going to see if I can get the time off work to try and come to this! It sounds like too much of a laugh to miss! If I can get the time off, I'll head up to Nottingham and stop at my parents on the Thursday and then hopefully meet up with you guys at the McDonalds on the Friday? It sounds like you won't be taking any motorways as I don't have my full bike licence. *Fingers crossed*
  9. Thank you all, I'm going to brave a meet, but not tonight. Think I need to educate the other half in the fact that every night is a good night to ride! I've just found out that a bike down my road was stolen last night, so I'm currently checking on mine every 20 minutes! It's chained to an anchor on the front of the house and covered, but going to try getting it down the side of the house tomorrow for more security!
  10. Hi, thank you all! You've made me feel much more secure in case of any issues or general questions! Bippo, thats really kind of you to come and meet me, but I don't know yet as I work weekends so would need to look into it first, but will let you know. I might be able to persuade a friend who also has a YBR to come with me! I'll definitely be looking into it though :-D I'm going to go and get some ironing done, so the other half doesn't moan too much when I disappear out on my bike later!
  11. Name: Yamaha YBR-125 (2014) Date Added: 19 August 2014 - 01:35 PM Owner: bobikins Short Description: Brand new and still shiny! View Vehicle
  12. Thanks for your welcome! I've been looking round the site and was wondering how I update my profile? Or post pictures for that matter?! I think I'm going to head to a meet tonight and see how it goes *fingers crossed*
  13. Firstly just wanted to say hello! I've just bought a brand new, shiny red YBR 125, and already love it! The only problem I'm finding is places to go in or around Birmingham, UK, without just aimlessly riding! I'd like to maybe go to a couple of the local bike meets, but wondered how I'd be received on my 'baby' bike with L plates! Any advice will be very much welcome on any aspect of riding, but very much looking forward to the social aspect of riding :-D Also I am female so any female advice on the biking world also gratefully received!
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