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  1. Welcome feom virginia Beach. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. erbrod

    sr250 kickstarter

    Word, I'm calling salvave yards near and far. No luck, thanks for the suggestion. I am considering an 86 xt350 since all of the parts seem similar to the xt250 Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. erbrod

    sr250 kickstarter

    Try a breakers? I don't understand.
  4. erbrod

    sr250 kickstarter

    I have an 82 sr250 which has a port for a kickstarter but did not come with one. It is sold separately by yamaha and it is expensive. I understand one can use the tt250, xt250 or the 87-88 BW 350 kickstarter. I wonder if other model kickstarters would work since I can't find any anywhere here.
  5. i dont know what slipping clutch feels/sounds like but tomorrow a friend who rides will have time to take her for a spin and will know if that is the problem with the bike. today still the same as yesterday,
  6. Right i forgot to mention the piston but it was rebored by an engineer who has been doing that for at least 30 years. battery is brand new one of the acid type 12v. as for the stator plate it is in the only position it can be it is held in place by 2 screws. sparkplug is sooty i noticed after a quick test ride today. oh yea i live in Virginia Beach but i dont ride her around the boardwalk and i live in the marshier part of the town but i see your point regards to the sand in carb. today i didnt get the backfiring but i did get that slowing down when i shifted from first to second and on all the gears she was not performing as she ought to. slow then she would jerk and speed up. weird.
  7. ok, there is no sand in float bowl, curious as to why there would be any though?ive not been able to ride her after the rebuild for long due to that backfiring and jerking action... slowing and speeding up up on all gears. What do you mean small electrical problem? i have today cleaned the carb proper and used high pressure air where the jets sit. as for the manual i have the factory service manual and frankly i believe these manuals were made fro pros not novice grease monkeys like myself, however i was able to rebuild engine with it. there isnt much on the carb and in fact it suggests not to change setting on fuel mix screw since it is set at the factory, too late for me since i have already turned it a couple of turns more. please let me know what you mean by electrical... is it the rectifier? the stator? i cant think of anything else but will order new bigger jet perhaps the bigger piston demands i change jet on carb. thanks for the advice
  8. thanks will fit them after i deal with carb trouble,
  9. ive finished rebuilding the top end and engine after exhaust valve dropped and thrashed my piston. all new oem partts inside, except for clutch and tranny. now, she starts and i can ride her but she backfires and when i accelerate she jerks slowes down then jerks forward and speeds up again on any gear but it is worse on third, fourth and fifth she cant even reach her max speed with all that going on. I have tried to adjust the fuel mix screw on carb and still the same. i have the stock air box on and have not changed the exhaust. what could it be? the fuel is new and so is the oil. i have checked the valve clearances and they have been set as suggested by the manufacturer. the sparkplug is also new, because i cannot ride her for long in this condition it is difficult to ascertain if shes lean or rich just by looking at the plug, it looks good. the air filter is damp with the oil that is recommended and the intake manifold rubber boot is in good shape. the petcock is good and the carb is getting fuel. i have super tightened the exhaust bolts and do not suspect there is an exhaust leak, to be frank, i couldnt tell if there is one, how could i? its been breezy here at the beach so it is not possible to see it smoking out of where it connects to the cylinder head. I am a true rookie but ive tackled this and know this bike really well. still i cant get her to perform and i am stuck,stuck,stuck!!! when she pops i cant tell if its the carb or if it is coming from the exhaust, how does one figure that out ? with the bike rumbling and all i cant really point out where the backfiring is. is it electrical? could it be the rectifier? how do you know if it is functional? is there a way to test? the fuse is good and she starts easily. i am back with the carb...WTF??? what if i give another turn to that screw? should i open the main jet or leave it be? i need help, cant afford a pro. i can fix her, i need her, ive spent a pretty penny on her and i can get her to perform again, but i am not proud,i need help. i apologise for the poor grammar. my typing skills are nil. i still cant find a way to post a pic on this forum. thanks boys and girls. for those living here at the beach, the weather is perfect and i wish to join you on the road soon, ride safe
  10. I am new at this but I have rebuilt my yammy top end and am willing to help anyone out here at the Beach. I am not a pro and this is the only bike ive ever seriously worked on and i am having some trouble after the rebuild but i know her insides better than i know mine and am glad to encourage anyone that wishes to fix their bike. I am fortunate that i met some helpful people here that answered my questions and showed me how to go about this. So if anyone here in Virginia Beach rides and finds themselves in need of someone that can encourage and show them how to tackle that machine, contact me. Wish I knew how to post pics on this forum. I have an 82 sr 250 which i have rebuilt.
  11. thanks for the advise fellas, yes i was told by the vendor that they would fit my bike, also was told that i could lower the swingarm. i cant actually lower the swingarm on this bike because it practically sits on the muffler placed on side of pipe. the difference is one inch and i have considered welding a peg beneath the lower peg to fit the shocks. there is enough space on the plate for that. it seems its either that or cutting the muffler off pipe then lowering swingarm. i understand the concern regarding the bike handling being affected by these longer shocks, i am concerned as well so for the time being i still use the old ones. i have bigger problems with bike performance. thanks again.
  12. Hi, I've just purchased an affordable set of rear shocks that are about an inch longer than the stock for my 82 sr 250. The stock were thrashed and I found a new set on Ebay. They didnt come with instructions and I've never replaced shocks on any of my bkes. Is it possible to install these or will i have to make some modifications? Thanks
  13. Out here in va. beach no chance of finding bike for less than i've spent rebuilding this one o/s piston 70$ o/s piston ringset 45$ used camshaft 100$ used cylinder head 98$ uni filter for carb 40$ uni filter crankcase 20$ fuel lines 6$ rocker arms 75$ gallon kerosene 10$ clutch removal tool 15$ flywheel puller tool 15$ machine screws and bolts 25$ rear brake shoes 20$ front brake shoes 35$ cylinder bored 55$ I have to add that at times it has been frustrating however I have learned much and I am glad that it is coming together. still waiting for ringset and camshaft to arrive then i'll assemble it and ride again. fortunately I was introduced to a master engineer living in this town and he has been encouraging through all of this.
  14. i looked into buying another motor however I would still have to take it apart to make sure all parts are still good so why not just do that with mine? I'm getting cylinder bored another .50mm ordered o/s piston and rings got new seals and gaskets and another cylinder head with valves but no cam. Will have to use my camshaft although I need one just can't find one under 65$. I know I've been rushing this but it is my only means of transport gotta get it right. Any ideas on how to get case split without splitter tool? and how do I upload pics on this forum?
  15. So how does one split case without splitter tool? Any ideas I have the cylinder bored, new o/s piston and rings new cylinder head, the combustion dome on mine is totally shredded and the exhaust valve stem is fused the seat is also grooved and the exhaust valve rocker arm is cracked where it makes contact with the cam shaft. I was advised to buy another camshaft but I can't find any for less than 65$. This is what I've learned , first disassemble then measure your parts and then shop for parts needed. I am so daft I just ordered parts to replace the visibly damaged ones only to find more damage and then had to return and exchange for different dimensions. In addition to that I just started dismantling with whatever tools I have. I need to really split her because my piston head was totally shredded and I've only got out some debris. If anyone knows anything about which bikes the 82 sr250 can borrow parts from please let me know, thanks.
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