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  1. Hi Sacha, will do. Work is busting my balls today a bit but when I squeeze a brew in ill start a post up. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi all, My name is Ben, I am a total bike noob. So here to get some advice and learn about bikes through the collected wisdom of you guys. Bought a yamaha xvs dragstar 125 in may as a little workshop project. Turns out the previous owner lied to me regarding its condition and the bike is a non runner. Zero compression in either cylinder. So tonight I will be starting the strip down and to try locate the problem. Will begin with a few drops of oil into the barrels to rule out worn rings. From there on out its going to be blind leading the blind a bit. Valve timing check is next I guess? Anyway, looking forward to meeting you all. Your help and guidance will be most appreciated! Cheers lads and lasses
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