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  1. Man! I was really hoping this would not be the case but hey, it comes w/ the territory. Well, it's on to changing the fuel filter & carb cleaning.
  2. V Star

    Summer is here

    LOL! You guys are hilarious! I vow to not become one of the newbies that disappears once my question/issue is resolved. I get a kick out of reading all of your posts. once I master how to get pics on my posts, I'll start posting away! Enjoy & be safe
  3. Hello my peeps! I've been on travel for the past week but now I'm back & ready to rock! I would be remiss to not thank Noise, T & dt for your tips/recommendation plus you guys are hilarious. Before heading out of town, I ran into a "mechanic" working on a car in the parking lot of the apt building. We chatted, he said he'd take a look at V (yup, that's what I call her). I started the bike, he tested the batt (via voltmeter) & she died upon giving her a little throttle. Started it back up, he removed the air filter cap & filter, placed a T-shirt over the hole, & gave it gas like 4 times...she didn't die, I was amazed! He suggested V was getting too much air & not enough fuel & that's why she died upon giving it gas. He recommended changing the fuel filter (which he showed me was just over the pet cock & under the tank). So now I have to watch a vid on how to remove the fuel filter, get the part & dare I say it...get V back on the road. Hope to get this done over the next 2 days. I'll keep you posted on my progress...no mechanic shop for me!
  4. That's correct, it idles with the choke on. Are the pilot jets in the carburetor or near it?
  5. T, yes that would be great but alas, I live across the pond. Changed the spark plugs & boy did they need it. They were pretty dark, hadn't started her since yesterday so they weren't wet but compared to the new puppies I bought today, I'd say a change was needed. So I started it up & it ran for just over 2mins & died....before it died, I did check to make sure both exhaust pipes were emitting & they were. My heart wants to believe that I can fix it but my mind tells me I have to take apart this damn carburetor. Any other suggestions before I get down & dirty w/ this carburetor?
  6. Noise, I think I know what you're talking about...what does that manipulate, the choke? I'm heading out to check the spark plugs today. Thanks!
  7. Too late, I already drained & discarded the "old" fuel..that's a good tip to know about fuel. I'm very confident I can change the plugs (watched a vid on youtube) as for the other items...wowzers, I may have to get a mechanic to do (man, I really want to avoid that). You're awesome, thanks for the info
  8. Hello YOC! I'm new! A city girl living in the city who finally got a bike (almost 2 yrs now). I'm fairly new to riding and don't get to ride as much as I'd like. Most of my friends & fam are completely shocked by my purchase & that I dare mount my V-Star Classic (XVS650), let alone ride the mean streets by my lonesome. But I'm just different, I'm all about learning & getting my well manicured nails dirty to build, repair & not visit the mechanic unless necessary. Most on-lookers in my neighborhood are constantly surprised when I change from my business wear (normally a dress/suit & heels) to don riding boots, leather jacket, helmet & gloves...guess I don't fit the "motorcycle" stereotype. I'm really looking forward to learning much from you lovies & joining a virtual bike crew. thanks dt502001 Ride safe & be kind
  9. Thank you Campaman, will do. Yes, I am pulling the choke, all the way out. That's the only way I can even get the engine to purr.
  10. Hello! I'm new here & so glad I joined the forum. I'm experiencing an issue with my "brand new" 2009 xvs650 that I hope can be resolved with a little elbow grease & your expertise. I can get it start but for a mere few seconds and then it dies. Dare I try to roll on the throttle, it shuts off quickly. Here's The Deets: V-star has been sitting for 6 mos - Charged the batt, tried to start it (w/ the choke out, fuel ON), it started and died after a few seconds - Checked the air filter (just for kicks), added Sea Foam to fuel tank...got it to stay on longer but still died - Drained the fuel (to check to see how bad it looked, to my surprise it looked pretty great..no condensation or sediment) added NEW fuel, added 4 oz of Sea Foam & same issue I believe there's some issue with the carburetor but don't know what...oh & guess what? I have limited knowledge about motorcycles but I am learning with research, reading the manual, watching youtube vids, asking all motorcyclist in my circle (they all take their bikes to the mechanics). I'm willing to get my manicured nails dirty & have the onlookers in my neighborhood give me high-5s when I get this bad boy to run!..and keep running. Any and all help wanted
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