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  1. Hi there, long time no see, I finally upgraded my trusty steed, and then my course of electronics curse jumped bikes. So I have a '99 Thundercat about 60k miles on the clock, she was running okay and I added a LED strip, after a few more months the battery started dying on the regular. so I disconnected the strip but the problem persists, Bought a new battery, same problem, I have tested voltage when running at 3000 rpm and higher and there is an increase to the battery, so it doesn't seem to be the regulator or stator. There is no draw when the ignition is off. The only problem I can seem to find is when I have my headlight on, the voltages steady drops, instead of increasing, even at high revs. it's the same bulb that I bought the bike with and that she ran fine with before the problems started, and the correct bulb for the model (55/65w) Another issue (previous owner pointed it out) the rev meter will sometimes climb to 8000rpm and then drop again when the ignition is on, but engine is not running, then when running the rev meter will stick to 0, the only way to reset this is to close the throttle completely and then open again, then it will read correctly for a time. So I'm at a bit of a loss, and also getting tired of being stuck on the side of the road, any ideas/help would be appreciated.
  2. That was a fun lesson! Amazing cornering on the one side and almost nothing on the other!
  3. So I took the ignition coil off and tried to test it according to this but couldn't get any usable readings, but I did sand down the connectors as they where quite rusted, maybe they where not making contact so it was arcing? Anyway also cleaned the spark plug for good measure. Too her for a ride and the problem was gone!
  4. Doubt it, hardly use it down here, but I'll see what using it does. that sounds like a plan! Will do! Road it to work shortly after my first post, no problems, but now on the way back it started again, I did think they sounded electrical.
  5. I have a similar model myself, will be watching this with interest
  6. Looks interesting, can't wait to see the end product
  7. Hi all again, Why do I always get the weird problems? my YBR125 ('09 Carbureted) has developed this clicking sound and slight loss of power (misfiring?) while driving, and only when hitting revs around 6k-7k, in any gear, the rev-meter also goes haywire above those revs (red lining on the meter, but engine sound doesn't match) Now I tried to replicate this while on the stand, back wheel free and bike in gear (tried all gears), it doesn't happen, only when the bike is physically moving and I'm hitting around 6k-7k revs. chain looks fine, I have done cursory inspection.
  8. I see thank you. I didn't get around to checking the other voltages, just as well, there are 3 different blue wires going through the loom O_o I found that the brake/back light was the wrong way round, now the ride light it dimmer then the brake light, and everything is working.
  9. You telling me! bane of my life! I checked the voltages where they would go to the bulb, (replaced the bulb with the multimeter leads) same with the switch. I suspect, somehow its lighting both elements in the bulb, didn't think to check last night, will check tomorrow or Sunday. I checked the earths (black wire right?) to both the body and the negative terminal of the battery, and both show a continuity.
  10. Finally got around to it, results where mixed... USED this as a guide Testing between all the blue wires said they where okay, Between switch,aux bulb, back right light, dash lights. Weird thing was the voltage: To the Aux Bulb 1v - 0.8v To the Ride light 0.6v - 0.8v To the Switch 3.2v - 2.8v And the plug connection below the switch 4v-3v Now this tech diagram says they should all be 12V Anyways I tried to skip the connection in the body, by putting a new wire between the switch and the aux bulb (like so, bright green wire) this makes all three lights work, except the back light is now on full blast, which means one can't see the break light.
  11. Okay turns out yours truly is a right royal dumbass, had the multimeter's leads plugs into the wrong jacks, wile testing again the indicators started working...
  12. weird, the Amperage also shows as one on the battery from 200u right down to 200m
  13. Battery has been pretty much dead for a while, but they it worked fine while the bike was running, and all tests were of course done while it was running. The wiring is fine till I get to the sealed up main areas where they all collect and do to the various little boxes. I'll check the amperage tomorrow.
  14. Hi All, again electrical problems, bane of my life... My YBR125 '09 stood outside for about 6 days, exposed to the elements, and now all the indicators have stopped working. None of the bulbs are blown, and I checked each connection, it's putting out 0.03 volts to each light. I'm sure the relay used to give a slight ticking when a indicator was on, but now it will give a slight tick when the indicator is selected, and the amperage goes from 0 to 1 Do I need to replace my relay? can I break the seal and fix it myself? Thanks in advance
  15. Sorry life took over and I had to live with the problem, eventually hooked up a 9V Battery with 2 LEDs to the back with a manual switch, will give it another look over, thank you.
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