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  1. Last week with my newly purchased XV535 I was confounded when it would stall whenever I put her into gear. I figured out it was the kickstand and felt real dumb. It was the first time I had encountered that feature in a bike so it taught me that I needed to learn more about newer machines.
  2. Hi I am a Woman from Eugene, Oregon who just bought a 1996 XV 535 with about ten thousand miles on it. I have owned an XV 500 for quite a while and couldn't pass this one up. My first motorcycle was a Suzuki 500 two stroke twin I rode across Canada many years ago. I figured I could pick up some info and tips here so I signed up. I eventually want to get a VStar 650 and want to learn more before I do.
  3. Name: Yamaha Virago XV 535 (1996) Date Added: 05 June 2014 - 07:51 AM Owner: AnnieMc Short Description: The nicest motorcycle I have owned. It is clean, never been tipped over or dropped. View Vehicle
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