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    rd350ypvs f, rd350ypvs rgv hybrid, DT50mx, VFR800 RS ltd edition, Honda AX1. Plus other projects.

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  1. Hopefully if you spot the bike come and say hello, or this one Unless you've brought the traffic cone i may not know who you are.
  2. Funny you should mention the DT because I could do with a bit of info, PM sent wild foamy
  3. Thanks for the welcome, I was on that particular bike was at the 2stroke gathering last year, the year before it never got there I holed a piston on route. Steve
  4. Hi, I've been pointed in your direction from an existing forum member. If I ever trawl the net for information this forum often comes up with the goods so I thought It's a good place to be. I'm from occasionally sunny Huddersfield west yorks, Owned a few bikes over the years but thinking back all Yamahas have been 2 strokes one of my Yamahas with a bit of Suzuki thrown in Steve
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