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  1. chedd

    To Triumph or not?

    seems like a good price Dom,i have heard the America don't handle all that well ,that said I fancy an 865 t100 myself.
  2. yep,did the easter egg run with the Scunny Bikers ,recon about 100 bikes,xj 900 battery died on me at the third supermarket bloody embarising!
  3. what he said,i remember buying this stuff!
  4. had my '89 900f for about 3yrs now,shudda had one years ago.had no issues with mine at all.
  5. life is for living,be short lived or long,ffs LIVE IT!
  6. yep,bin there and done it! dropped the 900f onto the gs 750,smashed the topbox (new) off the 900f and busted the gearshift on the Suzuki +I had no one to blame but meself!!!
  7. chedd


    had my '89 900f for three years it's fairly clean but does have a few dings here and there,that said it's still only done 33,000 miles.i've put strait bars on so I have a more upright riding position,cos at 70yrs old I get back ache!The carbs are gonna need balancing soon anyone know where I can buy a YICS tool?
  8. chedd

    xj 900f exhaust pipes

    hi barcus,yep I had to get a collector box from wemmoto cos there is no other choice.managed to get a fresh set of down pipes on ebay after much search'in.
  9. chedd

    decorative Chrome

    please DON'Tget me started on E U directives!!!
  10. chedd

    Carb types?

    most mukuni carbs have a five diget i.d number stamped on the righthand shoulder.
  11. I come from my mums bellybutton and I know its true cos she told me!
  12. chedd

    Your thoughts

    Had a evo softail for 7or8 years,can't say it wasn't reliable cos it was but when it did need parts I got stiffed! iron head sportsters are a no go unless your prepared to spend every weekend spannering on it,evo sportsters may be a better bet but then your back to considering cost again.like the man said you pays yer money you makes yer choice.
  13. read a couple of articals on this stuff sounds o.k. but costs about £16 for 5ltrs.i just drain the tank and carbs then use the drained fuel in our Gertys car.
  14. I was ten years old and living in Bristol,myuncle took me across cliffton suspention bridge on his motorcycle,i have no idea what make it was but it was big black and shiny ,made a beautifull noise and I wanted one!passed the test in1968 andhave been lucky enough to have ridden everything from brits,japs,Harleys,and back again.i'll be 69 on the16th of oct,and have no intentions of quitting any time soon.
  15. chedd

    xj 900f exhaust pipes

    hi Grizzly,yeah I'll have that off you buddy,my mobile number is 07746375102 give me a bell to arrange postage and payment. cheers Chedd.
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