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  1. wow just creamed my panties... I just sold my1992 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin turbo AWD with all wheel stearing is that bitch awd turbo'd? them cars as fast ass fuck
  2. this is the ticket (somebody i used to know)
  3. and how about his for a battery? http://www.apexbattery.com/wal-mart-es6n63b-replacement-battery.html going into a 1975 dt 175 shad
  4. will this work for a 6volt battery? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Schumacher-MC-1-6-12-Volt-1A-Charger-Trickle-6-12-Volt-Each/21642124
  5. well im guessing loose wires on picture #9 are not the horn (cant post wiring diagrams i'm afraid, copyright issues. Cynic) diagram says that the white wire is the rectifier circuit (white and red) Good thing ive got that part hope its not wrecked...looked ok Pink wire is for my horn! a anyone care to guess the color of those 2 wires in picture #11???? dark green, and..? dark puke? ones green for sure... so thats one of the flashers yes?
  6. part 2 #11 (3) bullets conectors with no home what are they? greenish, grey, and the pink?... pink one looks like it goes with the head light wiring? #12 nice little note left for me green/yellow wire for the "stop sw" switch? needs something pluged into it right? #13 theres that green/yellow wire! on this picture right next to the stoplight switch thing there is a round bracket with nothing on it? whats goes there i wonder? #14 my tank! HA i vinegared it and wow did it come out clean should of took a picture before! #15 the rust has returned but only to a point very wierd... after i rinsed the vinegar out the whole inside of this tank looked like the above beautiful ...now this darnit guess ill do it again anyways ive got a few more photos ill throw on here for your viewing pleasure !hey anyone need parts hahaha #16 box of parts #17 spare 175 engine (with compression im told) #18 found this on the parts bike frame, cant find one on my bike? what is it just curious because the color of those wires SEE PHOTO 9 #19 the shed of neglect Thanks for looking Guys/Gals look forward to your comments Hopfully i can get this bike all hooked up over the weekend Shad
  7. Hello all you smart people! please set your gaze upon this collection of photos stare at them... think to yourself "is that in the right spot?" or "hey your missing a piece there" i am looking to leach some electrical knowledge from you guys have a peek! #1 look at that nice black paint #2 this reads 594-004247 #3 594-00427 #4 found this tag on the wiring harness hard to read but i think its 558 82590 50...? #5 a couple wires that dont go anywhere? this wiring comes out of the engine (magneto n stuff).....thoughts? #6 extra wires for the rear brake light and signals what colors do i match (black, white, grey)=(black, brown, green, yellow, blue)? #7 Mmm Sparky bits.... see anything wrong here? #8 other side #9 these two guys look like they want a horn but there is no where to mount? are they for something else? something missing? #10 in side the headlamp nest . lamp wiring look good i think? more coming
  8. Thanks guys, im gonna try to take a few pictures of some oddities that ill surely have to sort out be for i get this girl going! Shad
  9. Hello, New to the Forum! Bikes EH! So it started when i picked up my G/F's Grampapaies old beat to poo DT125 i think its a 72-73? picked it up off the farm it was just left there leaning againt a barn. it looked bad really bad everything apeared to be broken off and welded back on SEVERAL times in true farmer fasion. So I get her home to Saskatoon Saskachewan and wouldnt you know it put the charger on it and bang! fired right up had some fun with it cruised around alleys but the fun wouldnt last. Bike would died if you hit a bump/puddle/looked at it funny....anyway this "project" never really got off the ground I did pick up a parts bike for $50 looked almost complete but both bikes are just sitting in my tiny garden shed waiting....for years BUT THEN! I found this baby on kijiji and i had to have it! Its a 1975 DT125 with a 175 in it, the elderly gentelman i got it from said he rebuilt it with his son as a project but lost interest, so the bikes condiditon is unfifnished but it looks like then did a frame off resoration! at least i thought ...fresh paint on the frame everything nice and clean but has never started it, no fluids nothing , he told me he redid all the bearings (front/back/stearing) and some crank seals gaskets etc.. only thing she's missing is a headlight rear signals rear sprocket and chain. I decided it was a good bet picking this bike up because this mans garage was completly full to the brime with motors cars bikes all gorgious and in diferent states of restoration. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor he had this 50's-60's convertable thunderbird in red WOW so i figured he does this thing for a living (restoring old cars/bikes) and know what hes doing too! he also gave me another parts bike with a 175 with compression! so ive got (4) of these babies now !! !! have a lookie below parked it in the kitchen because the fork seal started leaking yay! also tank is rusted out so i started cleaning that out did the vinegear and gravel shake worked well gonna do it again thought also the throttle was greased and would stay wide open when twisted so i tore that apart and cleaned er up much nicer/safer now but i will probably do that again also. anyway that me and my bike...bikes below is my First bike and current daily driver 1982 Kawasaki ltd 440 Belt Drive! shes my baby and always will be ive had her way before i got into this 2stroke mess very nice picture of it I know EH!......... Gotta love mother natures mood swings! thanks for looking Shad
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