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  1. My bike is a 2009 ybr 125 (fuel injection), my clock assy is damaged (bike was blown over in heavy winds, parked up), but still fully working, only considering replacing for cosmetic purposes so not an urgent fix. I was looking on e-bay, aftermarket suppliers and even oem distributors, prices vary wildly for the full assy, i came across an older model version (2005-2006) old new stock, from what i can tell it is identical to my current one, just for the older version of my bike. My question really is, would the older versions, or even the newer style 2010 onwards speedo's work on my bike, by that i mean all the cabling and the like, i know they would bolt on just fine, im just a bit wary about all the hookups, so thought it best to ask on here before really looking hard for a replacement. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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