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    Motors, motorcycles, cycles, longboards, adrenaline. I'm an arborist and an HVAC tech, but I try and stick to my hobbies.
  1. I believe my main jets are 150's right now, I'm running straight pipes but I have pod filters as well, which have little to no air restriction. Also, if you have a stock airbox, I'd keep it on unless you can fabricate extensions for pods before installing them. Pods allow turbulence in the carbs, and don't run as smooth. Also, your location and climate can have a lot to do with propper jetting, arid or humid conditions deter air density. Welcome to the fun in carb-work. Good luck with getting it tuned, just remember that open pipes mean easier breathing and less backpressure on the exhaust.
  2. Name: Yamaha XS750 (1978) Date Added: 28 April 2014 - 05:48 AM Owner: spensergavin Short Description: Fixed a guy's air-conditioner and he let me pluck this baby from his garage for trade since he was low on funds. Bike was all stock but didn't run at the time. Looked it over and estimated the replacements necessary. Bought a new head, contact plate, replaced a failed ignition coil, synched the carbs, made a new wiring harness, crafted a kickstarter out of an old wrench and footpeg off a dirbike; little things here and there along with some cutting, but now ol' "Gertrude" rides again. View Vehicle
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