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  1. Cheers Dom arrived today missus bought me size 9s for crimbo. Not allowed to see them yet but Looking forward to looking like Freddy Mercury on my DT175mx!
  2. If my twinduros let me down in the snow.
  3. Need size 8 Boots any body know if these are any good. British made. Link wont copy at Ghostbikes though. Regards Simon
  4. Many thanks AH. think Yambits stock it but there site is down at the mo. cheers Simon
  5. How does it stay in the front wheel hub? No bolt/circlip just an o ring? or is the wire cable guide on the fork supposed to hold it in place? Regards Simon
  6. After being rejected once for nova and insurance threatining to cancel within 7 days if i don't supply reg no v5 arrived.Rang dvla they said ring in four days no record of 2nd application. It was in the post on its way to me when I rang! Done 21 miles today with missus making reg plate up on flatbed printer! Insurance happy me happy soo happy. Many thanks all Happy Simon.
  7. think tube was glued to clock base originally but bulb and holder is holding it steady. Hooray have working Rev counter.
  8. Aha it turns out the backlight illumination light tube is floating around in the clock jamming things. keyhole surgery through hole required!
  9. Just fitted my rev counter drive assy in gearbox(was missing) and cable spins ok but my ebay purchased rev counter wont work. drive cable turns but no needle action. How do I open it? regards Simon
  10. Oh then got a message saying i owe 40 quid. Just paid it. Desperate to ride. S.
  11. Have a gateway no as self employed. Just finished application online and vat payable on 200 quid is 0 and no late penalties. Insurance on frame no runs out on 21st (already extended once)so gonna be close. Many thanks Simon
  12. But i didnt import it. Yamaha uk dating certificate says it uk bike. Vjmc.
  13. Gutted. Application has been rejected. I have to reject your first application because of the reasons given below. Following a check on the date shown on this letter of the hmrc 'notification of vehicle arrival'( NOVA) system ,it is necessary for you to contact HMRC before we can process your application, If you have made a NOVA notification for this vehicle please contact the personal transport unit (PTU) on 03000 583020. Please note that if you do not have a NOVA reference number or a NOVA submission refeference no the PTU will not be able to advise. If you have not made a NOVA notification for this vehicle you should go to www.hmrc.gov.uk/nova for information about making a NOVA notification. If you have any further questions on making a NOVA notification you should call the VAT helpline on 0300 200 3700. Please help. Simon
  14. Got a white fuel tank with black and red decals thats going to need stripping back to bare metal and full respray. There are 10 dents in total one being a large knee dent in side. Does anybody know of a tank repair respray place in stockport/manchester and what paint code is the white? Regards Simon
  15. Wow thats cleared it up and made it simple. Many thanks. Simon.
  16. Need help filling in the form for DT175MX. It asks for info off a certificate of conformity. Does anyone have a photo of one they have filled in and got a age related registration no successfully? Many thanks Simon
  17. I put it in the van for the retest (footpegs missing and rear tyre on wrong way round). However got it home and a quick first time ever ride round suburbia with mot/ins in pocket. Passed my full A licence just over a week ago. Felt good! S.
  18. Im currently restoring that exact model from wrecked field bike to road legal. Just passed his mot(COR) yesterday with no lights fitted yet. S.
  19. Insured on vin no. Got horn and rear reflector. Speedo can be connected or garmin strapped to handle bars. No reg plate. Or should i put 2k4 vin no on a plate made up. Dying to know. Regards Simon
  20. Well went to pick them up 2 spokes sharp through nipples so went back the next day after he ground them down. Now rear rim has the stop bolted through to stop tyre slip but the front one is not present but the hole for it is there. Is there a stop bolted onto the front rim? cant remember if I took it off or not. Regards Simon
  21. www.speedandsportinc.com. Seems to be the only place in the world that stocks 1W1-22128-00-00 thrust covers for lower shock to swingarm mount. They claim to have the largest stock of nos parts in the world. Many other parts available if it helps anyone! Simon
  22. Just dropped my dt175mx wheels at Manchesterextreme. He quoted 60 per wheel. Busy though 5 pairs dropped off this weekend. Said one to two weeks turnaround. S.
  23. He quoted 80 to 100 over phone. It was 100.
  24. Went to Brian S Pope Ltd in stockport Chheshire (Engineers Supplies) Got a M12X160 Capscrew with hex on head with two washers and splitpin. He said this is the stongest bolt we do. many thanks Guys for your help. Now for a dating cert/mot/insurance on vin. Oh and put it back together first as frame and swingarm has just come back from powdercoaters looking amazing! Simon
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