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    Eck. Ive done this in 2014. Pushed impact driver with BRAND NEW BIT Into heads. Worked ok for me. S.
  2. I like a special mixed shish and doner myself S.
  3. Well picked it up from post office. Still smells of petrol. Complete with reed block bolts still got the zinc plating on them. Does nothing corrode in America? S.
  4. Many thanks for your help Drewpy will attempt again Cheers Si
  5. If its good will buy some for my 175mx. Waiting with baited breath. S.
  6. http://s235.photobucket.com/user/Simon46/Mobile%20Uploads/story My first attempt at xt600e breather pic leaking oil pic post
  7. Simon46

    Heated Grips

    Ride from London to Manchester in-2. Frozen adamsapple. Respect for the bike couriers that do it day in day out. S.
  8. Well after getting it home and adjustments made on chain gear shifter and brakes took it to my dad who used to ride nortons bonnevilles etc asked me why don't you get a real bike after turning up on dt125mx with l plates pre cat A. He tried to get on the thumper but couldnt swing his leg high enougH. Felt sad seeing him tryin. Im going to buy a Harley he said! S.
  9. Looks like its jinxed. Being held at post office buyer being informed of charges. S.
  10. Well kit has just passed uk customs clearance so waiting for postman! S.
  11. Took the 2 bolts holding caliper out. All very slidy and looks maintained. Inner pad on limit outer to the bone. Missus has cooked me rump steak dinner. So forgiven. Thanks for posting piccie. S.
  12. 1230 left london. Got home 1945. Enjoyed but salt on outside of visor and ice on inside and frozen adams apple. Got respect from fellow bikers in my local. Told the missus i was having it transported back. Not happy when i arrived home. Oh well. S.
  13. Don't know how to upload but here is ebay item no, 251796836854
  14. Well rode it back from London A roads first then onto motorways. A little chilly but at least it wasnt raining!
  15. I only passed full licence 2014. With Swinton at the mo. Thats well cheap. Simon 2 bikes. (Hopefully)
  16. Cheers Slice. just submitted online quote from bikesure. they want 142 for fully comp, 0 no claims as they are on my dt.
  17. Cheers Blackhat. Spoke to the guy he has bought the pads already but not fitted so my train trip from Manchester Piccadilly via Euston, Paddington to hayes Middlesex begins at 6.10 am tomorrow. No beer for me tonight! regards Simon
  18. Will let you know. Might have to use cable ties until I get someone to weld the tags to frame. looking forward to result! S.
  19. Oops missus went out shopping. Accidentally bought a ebay 91 Xt600e when mrs went out shopping but needs rear pads. What size tools do i need to do pads before 200 mile ride from middlesex to manchester. Regards Simon
  20. Bit the bullet and ordered my boost bottle and reed block with hose. Arriving 28 jan. Woohoo!
  21. Looking at a rt180 reed block new boyesens and boost bottle and hose from usa. Will they fit my DT191mx? Regards Simon
  22. Bugger only got 31 inch legs so rules it out for me. Nice looking though. Apparently you dont want to be riding behind it on gravel/stones according to thumpertalk.
  23. Been watching a 490 on eBay unregistered. £2904. Anybody ever owned one and what did u think? Regards Simon
  24. Well done mate. Its a good feeling. Passed mine recently got 2 minors. Enjoy.
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