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  1. hey fellas, any one know where i can buy the gasket for the flat slide carb...not the float bowl ...the larger one between the carb and the outer slide.
  2. Name: yamaha dt125r (1995) Date Added: 11 April 2014 - 05:24 AM Owner: ReD73 Short Description: heap of junk.........but not a lost cause. View Vehicle
  3. right guys, my problem being ive bought this bike and the frame and engine numbers match....4GW000930, But can only find a sort of match for tdr's....its definatley a dt125r it is on an N registration and has cdi on the 2 stroke oil bottle and the extra bottle next to the air box where it connects to the the carb. any ideas what the hel it is.....jap or u.s import? thanks in advance red.
  4. hey peeps, new member with dt125r....at least i hope it is!
  5. hey all......are dtr and tzr crank cases the same, my left hand crank case has chunks missing and neutral gear inicator has been pushed in. cheers red
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