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  1. Ahh I see I just used to put it down to there not being much charge to run the lights when the bikes not running high rpm. Like all my mopeds (rev and gos) they all did the same
  2. Cheers will have a look in them places think my problem is a bad earth
  3. Where is the main earth wire for a 2002 dt125 r I have looked everywhere and cant find it
  4. Mine dips really bad also and my battery is reading 11.7 volts
  5. Cheers I will have a look tonight and get one ordered cheers for all the help
  6. Yeah they are really low. Pretty good on the road now tho pretty crap off oad haha is there a good website to get some off ?
  7. The tyres are pirelli Rally cross 110/80-18 m/c 58p mt 21 They have on the side I noticed for us only :s
  8. Ahh I see went for a good ride out about 100 miles around in woods up a old quarry and the rear tyre let me down just spinning and not doing anything. So if I look for a enduro but not a hugely aggressive one I should be on the right track ?
  9. I have a couple questions. 1. Where can I get them from ? 2. What tyres ? The bike spends most its life off road. So I was thinking just big knobleys. They have to be road legal and I dont want to be changing them every couple month's so need to be hard for the daily ride to work . Cheers for the help
  10. I was looking for a 125 motocross bike on the road but I dont think it would be as good as a dt tbf have to mix the oil with petrol everytime you fill up. I cant see them being as fast top end because of the gearing also they are good with on and off full throttle but not full throttle all the time. (Can see the piston blow for fun) I had a cr125 which I raced a few years ago I would fill it do a 20min race and would have to fill again so the fuel is worse aswell. I went for the dt slower but more reliable as was ment for the road.
  11. Dropped the gear oil out last night and still the same as I put in there. Not burning oil jobs a goodun
  12. Not put any pictures off the bike up yet so here it is http:// http://
  13. Yeah I think it is but while im in there might aswell put new piston and full seal kit and check the bearings. Cheers will have a look on there later
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