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  1. I will be glad when I get my test passed and get my gixxer 750 no centre stands to worry about and paddocks are easier to get.
  2. I have watched videos as well and they didn't help. Tho in saying that I went out to wash the muck off my bike on Wednesday and with some quiet muttering under my breath and some brut force and ignorance so to speak I managed to get the bike on its centre stand. But after having a word with a good friend off mine he has been able to modify one off my paddock stands for me so it fits the rear off my bike nicely.
  3. Everything that has been said on here I have tried with out fail, I have had my best friend travel all the way up from kent before now to show me how to do it followed what he showed me and I still can't get the bike on it's stand.
  4. I have tried hundreds off times and I am fed up trying all I get for my efforts is ripped muscles in my back. Which is one of the reasons why I prefer paddock stands but I am having a mare of a time trying to find something to fit the rear off my bike as it's to little. I should off bought the cbr 125 as it's got a wider rear end but when I went to sit on one as I am to little I couldn't touch the floor.
  5. Hello my name is Mandy and I love motorbikes, I own a ybr125 on a 12 plate. I also spend a great deal off my time at race tracks as I am a photographer.
  6. Pinkbikerbabe

    ybr 125

    I own a 2012 ybr 125, I can't get it on it's centre stand I have tried and failed several times. I was wondering if it was possible to get a paddock stand to fit the rear off the bike, to make life easier when it comes to wheel cleaning and oiling my chain and other tasks.
  7. Can you get a paddock stand to fit a 2012 ybr125

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