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  1. Hey guys! long time no talk. so i still haven't ripped this baby open yet- been slammed with my work. anyways, was doing some research and it seems like the crank rebuild on these obscure beasts is a bit ridiculous. HVCcycles quoted me 1000$ which seems very very pricey. do you guys have experience with super hard to find, very pricey big end bearings? and conrods?
  2. Hey Blackhat! thanks for chiming in, I'm familiar with rebuilding 2 stroke bottom ends- usually single cylinder and typically more popular models! i will be following the protocol you mentioned! cheeRS!
  3. Hello friends, anyone have any experience rebuilding one of these bottom ends? basically just wondering if ill need any special tools, anything rare? any pitfalls? or things to know? also, anyone know the size of the seals and bearings- or where to get them? i tried emailing HVCC and they never responded. Thanks!
  4. any leads on affordable expansion chambers? these pipes have got to go!
  5. Hey Dudes!! an update- so unfortunately i didn't do a bottom end rebuild. i was hoping for the best, but i feel like there is definitely a clutch side seal leak. has a smell of tranny fluid burning. will redo the seat soon too. here is an updated picture, not the ignition.. WOOHOO! once again, when i got this bike, it was pretty weird- wiring was a nightmare, a lot of hack job stuff. was going for a modern twist to the classic look, hence the unusual headlight. the main focus is the ignition, and just the engine.
  6. Hey dudes! my bike is pretty stripped of any electronics so i have no indicator of gear, or neutral... not a problem though.. can you guys please help me by explaining me the shift pattern? Thank you.
  7. i saw all the push/pull throttles- but i found one that was all pull!! hopefully start up pics/ vid by weekend.
  8. Hey dudes!! thanks for the informative heads up.. ditched stock cables, eliminated stock cable splitter and third cable. waiting for a dual carb throttle pull to come in the mail-- updates to follow.. soon.
  9. silly question, sorry guys- i just cranked removed the clutch cover.. i feel silly.. please don't flame.
  10. Hello friends- i have a technical question. I have slowly been getting ready for a fire up of my YR1(twin cylinder 350cc) and i have approached the throttle section- obviously there are two throttles for two carbs but i noticed a third cable connected to the clutch side of the crank case. for your viewing pleasure, its #30 on the attached schematic its labeled as, "WIRE PUMP" can someone please explain this to me? is it for the oil delivery system? if so, i have that system deleted and plan to premix. if its for some reason transmission fluid- can you please advise? slightly confused- just curious. Thank you!
  11. best place for performance parts for that bike is as follows https://www.treatland.tv/SearchResults.asp?Search=yamaha+qt50 Best place for answers for that bike: http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/list.php?1
  12. hey preload! thank you very much for the info, its a great start! as for pictures, here it is the shape i got it: I've completely broken down the bike since, and powder coated it- i do hope you guys approve when i start posting process.
  13. Hello friends-- I'm trying to understand my newest bike the 1968 YR1.. whilst doing this, I've been thinking CDI ignitions to replace the stock system. as the YR1 grand prix is referenced as "the grand dad to the RD350" I'm wondering how much changed in 5 years. does anyone know the engine number/ designation? i also read from the R5 wiki: "The engine cases are similar enough that with modifications, they can be interchanged" Im wondering if this applies to the YR1? without seeing an RD350 I've established they have a different port map, as well as reed valve intake. but are the cases different? is the crank different? ​I've seen this ignition which seems to work for all aforementioned yamahas http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-PVL-Racing-Ignition-System-Stator-Yamaha-YCS1-YR1-YCS-R3-/390573213821 yet, when i searched yamaha yr1 CDI on hvc cycles, the power dynamo is a result: http://www.hvccycle.net/yamaha-rd-r5-cdi-ignition-12v-150w-71-05-799-00/ please advise- any assistance is greatly appreciated!
  14. Hey DT, thank you for that quick response. i really appreciate all points mentioned. your suggestions for the seat will be considered and will be posting with updates!! Glad to be here on the yamaha forums!
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