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  1. Hi all, As the weather was good today I thought I would have my first ride out of the year, turned out it could be the most expensive one of the year!! I was riding along minding my own at about 40mph when I hit a deepi-sh pothole in the road, luckly it did not throw me off just heard a lound bang (and felt it) I thought to myself the front tyre had gone but I seemed to slow down ok with no wheel wobble. Inspecting the front wheel all looked ok but I could hear air rushing out of somewhere, it was the rear wheel!! It has put a large dent in the rim where the air was escaping from:angry: Just about managed to get home (5mls) before it went totally flat on me. Anyone have any idea how much this is gonna cost me, its a 5SL wheel and tbh it could do with a new Dunlop D218 tyre, I guess I won't have any change out of 1K Wish I had stayed in now!!!! Bike= R6 2006 (05 model) 2.5k miles
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