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  1. Bradlo

    Carb "tuning"

    Hi folks...how much do you think I will have to pay to have my '94 535 virago carbs sorted, as part of a service ? ( Just need a ball park...so I can start saving my pennies!!!!) Cheers Stuart
  2. Is it right that you can't change a Virago 535 plug leads without having to change the coil ? This seems very bizarre to me...but that's what I have read ???? Cheers Stuart
  3. Defo not the choke...that seems fine.... will have to get carbs etc checked out! thanks!!
  4. Hi guys... I have a Virago 535....Starts really well when she's cold ( almost immediately)...but if I try and start it when she's hot....she'll turn over and not fire...wearing the battery down! If I have waited a few mins tp cool a bit it seems OK again... I am a bit concerned, in case I stall it at lights or summat !!! Any ideas? Cheers
  5. Many thanks...any recommendations ?
  6. Hi folks...I have a 1993 Virago 535 and the front tire is a Bridgestone Mag Mopus L303 3.00 S19 Any idea what size inner tube I am looking for ? Apologies ( once again) for my basic ignorance!!! Cheers Stuart
  7. Sadly have to pre order the size you need!!!!!!
  8. Hi guys... I have a virago 535 1994 model... What size spark plug socket am I needing ? ( toolkit I am looking at gives a choice of either 16 or 21 mm) Is there a standard fit ? Sorry to be so useless!!! Cheers Stuart
  9. Thanks for all your answers guys...v useful, Just looking for a small tool kit to take with me on longer journeys Cheers Stuart
  10. Sorry about this... I have a 1994 Virago 535 and I am looking for a cheap tool kit for it...... I presume I am looking for metric tools, not imperial... Sorry to be such a f*** wit !
  11. Hi Folks... As a fairly newbie sort of returned rider, with little or no mechanical skill, I was wondering about potential service costs on my 1994 Virago 535... I plan to take a short trip to France in June with a mate, and although my bike seems to run pretty well, I thought maybe I should get it serviced before I go....having said that, it had a service (oil/plugs /filter etc) just before I bought it 18 months ago, and I have only done about 500 miles on it since!!!! Any ideas of the sort of costs I could expect, also what sort of work should be carried out??? Apologies for my ignorance!!! Cheers. Stuart
  12. Bradlo

    Pillion Seat Bag

    Thanks for replies... I was looking at perhaps something like this : http://www.ewetsuits.com/acatalog/motorbike-drybag.html Got quite goods reviews I think and only about £20
  13. Bradlo

    Pillion Seat Bag

    I am hoping to go on a week trip to France in June...I have as top box, so need it for some clothes etc!!!!
  14. Hi Folks As a sort of newbie...I am looking for cheap and cheerful pillion seat bag to go ohm my Virago 535 ( I don't want panniers/saddlebags as I believe one has to have supports one more the indicators???? Any help gratefully received!!!!!! Cheers Stuart
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