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  1. biglee

    what new bike ???

    lol thanks so may be better of paying that bit more for the xv950 £7.500 new . Harley £6.995 new in the long run and as for xvs650 i do like them when bobber and shadow NO and as for such big jump im 32 now so not in to speed so wont be riding like a nutter i prefer to cruse lol i used to ride bikes at a younger age ( Motocross ) so im not a completely new to bikes
  2. biglee

    what new bike ???

    right been looking and there two bikes i want just don't know what one to go for... help lol both are sex on wheels lol Yamaha XV950 or Harley-Davidson Iron 883
  3. right i'm currently half way though my bike licence got mod 1 on 19th feb . but had letter from DVLA saying need to renew licence . just had my new one come today and has on the back AM 28/01/14 ... 01/04/51 ... 122 A 19/01/13 ... 01/04/51 ... (79 tri) and also the car ones ect... but my point is to me it looks like i have my bike licence already so just called my training center they said is new for trikes but is very confusing thought i got away with mod 1 and mod 2 lol o well not long now anyways
  4. lol thats what the bike is for so i can get out on my own
  5. yep busy making kids lol and will prob be the 650 xvs but loving the bobber style of them
  6. Name: Yamaha XVS125 (2000) Date Added: 10 January 2014 - 02:57 PM Owner: biglee Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  7. hi there everyone i'm lee i'm 32 from Telford Shropshire just getting back in to bikes after a few years out after having kids i was bought up on bikes (off road) until i was 17 when i met my love of my life the wife and have had 4 sons. now i'm 32 and decided i want to get back in to them . passed my CBT in December and theory just doing my lessons now and hoping to pass by summer to get out on the road with my old man who rides a Harley Davidson i have just bought my self the XVS 125 and finding it a nice bike don't look like a 125 so will most likely stay with XVS just a bigger one
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